“For now Meret is our goalkeeper. Transfer market? Only players who fall within our salary cap, I can’t promise anything”

Luciano Spalletti spoke to Sky Sport after the 1-1 draw between Napoli and Mallorca:

“We did well in choosing the moments in which to press and attack them. There are also moments to report in the analysis of this race when the meeting will be held when we see it again on video.

Kim’s first? Good race, we already knew him obviously. He is a physical and sufficiently technical player, with an explosive head. He’s a nice toad to have to play against! A purchase voucher has been made.

Kvaratskhelia? It is the classic external tip, it has quality! When you don’t expect it, it comes out of the narrow in a technical way. Then it is fast enough, even when it goes into space. He played a good match tonight as well. He is a worthy replacement for Insigne.

Meret? It is clear that the personality also passes through emotionality. You have to find yourself in those contexts where you have to stand up, if they give you a shoulder pad and you go down it is a sign that you do not have all that character and that strength. Attitude, body posture, can also contribute to you. He made some very good interventions, for now he is our goalkeeper and we cherish him. He is a goalkeeper who covers the goal very well, he knows very well what his job is. He is a goalkeeper for the national team, he showed when he played that he could be number one in an important club like Napoli.

Market news? We will address this speech here well in the next press conference. This is a company that in certain respects does things correctly. He has decided to lower the salary ceiling, we can target those who fall within this ceiling. There are some important young promises who can fall under this ceiling. It is clear that you take away a slice of the market that if the others use it they bring home the ready immediately without having to work hard on it. Probably this work here over time can lead to a healthy and strong society.

We play for the best, for the best, we want to improve last year’s result. That said, nothing is promised, you go out to play and work hard from morning to night. But then you have to go and play, you have to compete against the giants of teams. Today for an hour we showed that you can play against them “.



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