For leaking information to me besides all your crimes, you will go to the supreme court for sure.

Organized crime leader Sedat PekerPointing out that after he announced the missing weapons, they tried to implant the perception that “they will not go through elections” in the minds of the people with gray propaganda,Unfortunately, you did not know the Turkish state, which has thousands of years of tradition. When you lose the election, you’ll be gone” said.

Peker, our newspaper’s writer Baris Terkogluby giving time to the ministry adviser to Esenyurt He addressed the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu regarding his request to prove his allegations.

Pointer, “From now on, even if you kill as many people as Hitler, no one will be afraid of you.” he also stated that Soylu had leaked information to him. Peker said, “Besides all the crimes you have committed, you will definitely go to the supreme court for leaking information to me, for allowing me to escape abroad.‘ he said.

Peker’s statements are as follows:

  • 1-My dear friends, my younger son Boğaçhan Talha Peker and a brother who was my companion was diagnosed with covid last night. I look forward to your prayers for their recovery. I couldn’t tweet because I was interested in them.
  • 2-While Süslü Sülüman was away, you threatened a journalist friend named Barış Terkoğlu for commenting on my posts. I have bad news for you, even elementary school students call you Fancy Sülüman.


  • 3-Even if you kill as many people as Hitler from now on, no one will be afraid of you. In the Gırgır magazine, the threat of your former prey works better than your threat. Let those who fear you be like you (God bless). …. Sülüman, one or two people who know me…
  • 4-…you make 20 30 people I don’t know detained while you are being taken into custody. I promise you that if my parents come out of the grave, even if you take them into custody, I will not turn away from my path. I am now in the hereafter with you.
  • 5-You are carrying out childish operations to expand the case of solidarity against cat rapists. You are really crazy. I think you carry a gray sponge with holes in your skull, I swear you don’t have a brain. You know what’s the funniest part?


  • 6-You accuse me of childish things from four or five years ago. Aren’t you the one who gave me police protection? If I have committed crimes, I have committed them because of your protection of me. I swear you’re crazy, but I promise, I will treat you.
  • 7-After I told you about the distribution of unregistered weapons, you plan how we can turn this business into profit, apply gray propaganda techniques and place the perception that these can’t go through elections, either. …sülü, 18-year-old university students operated on…
  • 8-You said (even though they have no proper crime), we will introduce the state to you, I think you have never known the Turkish Nation of 5 thousand years, whose roots go back to the Scythians and Sakas. Unfortunately, you did not know the Turkish state, which has thousands of years of tradition.
  • 9-When you lose the election, you will be gone. I repeat what I said before: you are not God, you are not the state. You are a government that runs the country because you won the election. Like many previous governments, you come and go.


  • 10-The main thing is the NATION, THE STATE. Fancy sülü, you will definitely go to the supreme court for all the crimes you have committed, for leaking information to me, for allowing me to escape abroad. Your interview on Habertürk, my phone conversation with Reşat Fazlıoğlu,…
  • 11-…and the file will be completed when the hts records of that time are released. fond abdulkadiri, I’m waiting for you, your trolls here. If you have that charter, you come here. Do not use the state’s police and military to fake bullying.
  • 12-Remember, when you lose the election, you’ll be gone. If you make a contrary move, you will see who the homeland madmen, homeland fighters and homeland fighters are.


Advisor to the Minister of the Ministry of the Interior Muhammet Burak Gultekin, regarding the article of our newspaper writer Barış Terkoğlu, in which he evaluated the allegations of Sedat Peker, who was convicted of being the leader of an organized crime organization, regarding Esenyurt.As you claimed in your article, you have 24 hours to document the slander of our Minister’s connection with these 2 companies. We will add this lie to the moral compensation case we have opened.‘ he said.

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