For Italy I play without a finger

Gianluigi Donnarumma puffs up his chest and flashes a smile like he hasn’t seen for some time.

Donnarumma’s satisfaction: Italy has beaten Hungary and is at the top of Group 3 of the Nations League.

Number one jersey and national team captain’s armband. L’Italia that beats theHungary and fly to the top of Nations League Group 3. Personally satisfactory performance despite left hand injury. Gianluigi Donnarumma he puffs up his chest and shows off a smile like he hasn’t seen for a long time, since those magical nights of Europeans conquered thanks to his prowess. He is relaxed, proud, he shows himself calm.

The second consecutive success is an invigorating tonic: it does not serve to restore the possibility of going back in time and remedying the uncertainties (including yours) that cost the qualification for the World Cup but, at least, it returns a bit of pride and sweeps away the depression. sporty. “For this shirt you can play even without a finger”the words of the goalkeeper Azzurro to the microphones of Rai.

See Mino Raiola had he still been alive he would have run to embrace him, to cuddle that creature he has always believed in, to pinch the boy who is becoming a man on the cheek. “I want to thank the medical staff of the national team who helped me better because two days ago it was unthinkable that I was on the pitch. With my will and their help I was able to play. And I will do it as long as I can.”. A special glove allowed it, making it possible for him to put it on despite having a little finger splinted and immobilized with a bandage for a dislocation reported in the previous match.

Donnarumma on the pitch with Hungary despite the injury to the little finger of his left hand: he played with a special glove.

Donnarumma on the pitch with Hungary despite the injury to the little finger of his left hand: he played with a special glove.

On the eve of the meeting with the Magyars Macini had called him the “best goalkeeper in Europe”. An encouragement and at the same time a very clear signal: from now on, only those who show that they really care about the national team will be with me. An official investiture for Gigio who, in addition to the bitterness in Azzurro, has experienced a terrible year in Paris due to the dualism with Navas, the air that was blowing in the locker room towards the latest arrival, the mistakes made in the Champions League and some mistakes too much in Azzurro. He thinks about it, he shakes his head but his shoulders are broad enough to take on that too. “It is an indescribable emotion to wear the number 1 shirt and the captain’s armband. There are no words. It is really exciting”.

Four points in the standings, Italy in the lead ahead of Hungary (3), Germany (2), England (1). It is a small satisfaction, a point from which to start again, net of the big regrets and the melancholy that will come up (also) between November and December, in which the World Cup will be a show to be seen only on TV. “There is a desire to restart and feel good together again. It was necessary to change, we were aware of it – added Donnarumma -. We needed the victory and it must be said thanks to the new guys who are giving us a great hand. This is the spirit right”.



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