For Honor Year 5 Season 2 Title Update 2.0 is coming soon

Ubisoft announced that the For Honor Year 5 Season 2 Title Update 2.0 will be released on July 22nd. The update introduces the new playable hero inside – the Kyoshin. As mystical samurai, the Kyoshin wield a hidden blade and fill their opponents on the battlefield with awe with their elegance and daring.

The Kyoshin are legendary warriors: inside who are deeply connected to the spiritual world. Due to their special training, they have mastered the martial art of Shikomizue, a hidden one-handed blade and a blade sheath. As they move through the battles like shadows, they use their superhuman powers against their enemies. Thanks to their special Kaze posture, they can block targeted attacks and counter them quickly.

The expansion can be purchased in official stores from July 22nd. The package contains the Kyoshin, an exclusive ornament, an elite outfit, champion status for seven days and three leftover chests. Starting August 5th, the Kyoshin can be purchased in-game for 15,000 Steel.

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