For his retirement, a boss bequeaths more than two million euros to his employees

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Jean-Yves Glumineau, at the head of an insulating glass manufacturer in Treize-Spetiers in Vendée, has decided to sell his company. And before leaving, he made a gift to his 150 employees.

2 million 680,000 euros. This is the sum that Jean-Yves Glumineau, at the head of an insulating glass manufacturer in Treize-Spetiers in Vendée, decided to pay back to his employees in the form of a bonus before retiring and reselling his company.

A bonus spread over three years

Manager of the company for eighteen years, Jean-Yves Glumineau has succeeded in multiplying the turnover of his Vendée company by 5. With the sole credo: “a man is nothing alone”, tell us our colleagues from France 3 Pays de la Loire. “A man does nothing alone, and if indeed the employees had not relayed the projects that animated me, if they had not had this involvement to make the company grow, we would not be here. today,” he said.

In mid-December, when he announces to all his employees that he has sold the company, he surprises them and declares 2 million 680,000 euros, taken from this sale, will be donated to them in the form of a bonus. The boss’s idea: each of the company’s 150 employees – whether on permanent or fixed-term contracts – will receive a bonus spread over three years. The amount of this reward: 10 euros per day worked. The first payments arrived during the January payroll.

Paolo Andrade, employee of the Vendée company since 1997, is more than delighted. Questioned by our colleagues, he says: “I have just finished my house and thanks to the bonus I will be able to change my kitchen! I will also be able to please my family.”

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A shadow on the board, however: 60% of the amount of the premium will be reduced due to employer charges and wage charges. “The charges are confiscatory, it’s a shame to want to reward its employees and to be cut off from so much money”, lamented Jean-Yves Glumineau.



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