For Fedez and Chiara Ferragni gym at home (and on the terrace)

Fedez is one of the protagonists of the summer with the catchphrase Mille with Achille Lauro and Orietta Berti. Let’s find out how she keeps fit with diet and sports at her home in City Life

There is no day that sport, somehow, does not enter the life of Fedez. In recent weeks he has become passionate about football and the national team and has made an appointment with Donnarumma in Milan – City Life of course – without imagining that he would move to Paris. Years ago, in the Maldives, he and Chiara Ferragni befriended Keita (formerly Inter and Lazio) and his partner, but Fedez also on that occasion admitted his poor feeling with football. Played and not.

NBA passion

Quite different, however, the love for basket. He really plays it, plays it on PlayStation (for now, waiting for Leone to grow up, alone), sees games and knows all NBA players well. Not only: lent his voice to voice a character from Space Jam, LeBron James’ film due out in September, as it had already done for That’s Game in the Italian version for the Playoff campaign. Alla JournalSome time ago, he described his love for the ball in wedges like this: “I was playing at 15, in a small team in Milan and then in Binasco, where I had moved with my family. But I was born and raised in the outdoor courts of Milan, at the Lido di Piazzale Lotto and Parco Sempione ”.

The trainings

Not just basketball, though. Fedez and Chiara Ferragni in their home in Milan they have a little one gym with a treadmill and some equipment they train frequently (more him than her, to tell the truth), even if when the weather permits they work on the terrace. Running, rope (double unders), aerobic work, always on the move and always attentive to nutrition.

The diet

His wife cooks little, dad Franco, on the other hand, is a great enthusiast (and often shares recipes with followers), but Fedez didn’t take it from him. In any case, for years he has had a healthy and balanced diet that helps him keep fit, with particular attention to the abdominals he cares so much about.

Fedez never goes into detail, just like Chiara Ferragni, because both are champions of “body positive” and they don’t want to send wrong messages because what’s good for one person isn’t necessarily right for another. At most, they show snacks from time to time Leone, passionate about brioche and pizza, or some unsuccessful couple cooking attempts. Better, then, to show the basketball training, with Datome or Belinelli. To those Fedez is really hard to give up.


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