For a real water industry!

It’s no secret that in Morocco, water is a rare commodity. While WHO standards are sounding the alarm below 1700 m3/year/inhabitant, the Kingdom is below 500 m3/year/inhabitant. Structural water stress, accentuated by climate change and its corollary of unprecedented drought raging across the world, and for which we are paying a heavy price. That said, if the precariousness of our water resources, which however do not date from yesterday, had hitherto hit the headlines, it is thanks to the voluntarism of the State, which spares no effort to compensate for this deficit, through a dedicated policy and a tailor-made regulatory framework to wisely manage water scarcity. As a result, the country currently has 286 dams (large and small), 88 drinking water treatment units, including 9 for seawater desalination and 16 diversion facilities.

We can accept the evidence of this unfailing commitment, except that in the current state of things, the efforts of the State alone are no longer enough. There needs to be a responsible and civic involvement of all actors in Moroccan society. This is therefore how it is appropriate to grasp the message of His Majesty, King Mohammed VI (may God assist him), in the face of parliamentarians last October, calling on us: “to a diligent treatment of the problem of water , in all its dimensions, and in particular a break with all forms of waste or anarchic and irresponsible exploitation of this vital resource”.

Here we are expressly challenged, all of us, about our relationship with water. A call to which our dear industrialists do not escape, a good proportion of whom, very fortunately, have already undertaken drastic and courageous measures in this direction. Many initiatives enabling closed-loop management and avoiding any loss of this resource have already proved their worth. In this respect, OCP’s strategy, through the reuse of waste water or the desalination of sea water, is a fine example that should be highlighted. Many other successful experiences in this area exist, and it is important that no one is on the sidelines of this slogan aimed at making this vital resource an ally and not a challenge for our economy.

So you will easily understand that for Industrie du Maroc, which has sworn loyalty to an editorial line dealing with the salient issues of the Moroccan industrial fabric, neither silence nor immobility could be authorized. This is what explains the dossier we are devoting to it in this issue, and justifies that the 5th edition of the “Matinées de l’Industrie” be devoted to the urgent and future challenges of the water industry. A theme that barely veils our ambition to contribute to the emergence of a real water industry.
Hoping that you will join us to initiate this reflection, we wish you a good read… and above all a happy new year!

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