“For a few minutes he died, I do not know if he will play again”: the dramatic prognosis of the former doctor of Danish footballer Christian Eriksen

Fans approached Eriksen’s hospital and showed him their affection (Reuters)

Danish footballer Christian Eriksen, who apparently suffered cardiac arrest on Saturday during the Eurocup game against Finland, had no previous pathologies, confirmed his former doctor at Tottenham, Dr. Sanjay Sharma, that considered that his football career may be over.

“Clearly, something went terribly wrong. But they managed to get it back. The question is, what happened? And why did it happen? This man had normal tests until 2019So how do you explain this cardiac arrest? ”asked the renowned cardiologist and professor of sports cardiology at St George’s University in London in dialogue with the news agency. PA.

The Inter Milan player fell collapsed during the 43rd minute of the game at the Parken Stadion. He went into cardiorespiratory arrest and was treated on the lawn by the stadium toilets, who tried to revive him for almost 15 minutes. Finally, was stabilized and transferred to a hospital, where it remains stable and conscious.

The footballer is stable and pending further medical examinations (Reuters)
The footballer is stable and pending further medical examinations (Reuters)

Sharma, who worked with Eriksen during the Dane’s stay at Tottenham (2013-2020) and who confirmed that he had no previous pathologies, explained that the fact that the footballer is conscious is “a very good sign.” “I’m very happy. The fact that he’s stable and awake says his outlook is going to be very good. “, he pointed.

The doctor, who thinks that high temperatures or an unidentified condition may have been the cause of the incident, he said soccer agencies and doctors are likely to be “very strict” about allowing Eriksen to play again.

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“I don’t know if he will play football again. Frankly, he died today, even if it was for a few minutes, but he died. Would a medical professional allow him to die again? The answer is no. The good news is that you will live, the bad news is that you are nearing the end of your career. If he is going to play another professional soccer game, I cannot say; in the UK I wouldn’t play anymore, we would be very strict about it ”, concluded Sharma, who chairs the group of cardiac experts of the English Federation (FA).

Sweden's national team posed next to a flag in support of Eriksen (Reuters)
Sweden’s national team posed next to a flag in support of Eriksen (Reuters)

With the footballer as the main axis in regards to the Eurocup, Sweden starred in an emotional tribute during his training prior to the match against Spain this Monday.

The Swedish coach, Jane Andersson, and his captain Sebastian Larsson, showed this Sunday their “support” for the Danish through a photo in which the entire squad could be seen gathered next to a flag that said “Lucha Christian”.

“The news has reached us that he is quite well and we will play our game tomorrow. Hopefully this is the only event of this type in the tournament ”, said the Swedish coach, while the midfielder said that “you don’t think of countries or rivalries when something like this happens, we think of another human being, a colleague and I want to send my support to Eriksen, his family and his teammates. Hopefully we can see him soon ”.

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