For 4 thousand pounds.. “Umrah Al-Badal” raises widespread controversy in Egypt

For 4 thousand pounds.. “Umrah Al-Badal” raises widespread controversy in Egypt

An Egyptian preacher, Amir Mounir, sparked controversy on social media platforms, after deleting a video clip in which he announced what he called “Umrah al-Badal” through an electronic application for an amount of 4,000 pounds.

Umrah allowance

A post by the Egyptian preacher Amir Mounir, before he deleted it from Facebook

The Egyptian preacher, Amir Mounir, published two days ago on Facebook a post saying: “Imagine performing an Umrah for your loved ones (deceased – sick – incapacitated) for less than 4 thousand Egyptian pounds only.” A torrent of criticism began, forcing him to delete his post, and his invitation, which It allows a person to authorize one of those in charge of the application to perform an Umrah for him or a member of his family.

Amir Mounir said, during a video clip on his Facebook page, that he tried the application and explained during the video the steps to use that application, adding: “Umrah for a sick person who is sick and does not please him, or a helpless person who cannot go to perform Umrah … a deceased person … So it was proven from the Prophet that it is permissible to delegate Umrah, and it does not have to be close to the deceased or the incapacitated, and I was able to get you a 35% discount for the first 500 who will request an Umrah by applying the Umrah allowance.

Amir Mounir’s invitation angered the pioneers of social networking sites, especially since it is considered a trade in religion, a violation of the provisions of Islamic law, and a kind of manipulation of the feelings of the poor.

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Umrah application

An electronic application that works as an intermediary between those wishing to perform Umrah on behalf of (the disabled, the sick, and the deceased) and those who are legally qualified residents of Makkah Al-Mukarramah to perform Umrah on their behalf.

Mounir also responded, in a new video on his official page, to the “Umrah Al-Badal” crisis.

The first response from Saudi Arabia

In the context, Hussein Hijazi, a member of the Hajj and Umrah Committee at the Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia, denied that there is such a thing as “Umrah al-Badal.”

This came during a television interview, according to Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper.

He said, “The application of (Umrah al-Badal) has sparked a state of controversy in Egypt, and it talks about the price of Umrah al-Badal at 4,000 pounds, and this is not true.”

Hijazi concluded: “The application of Umrah al-Badal is considered a trade in religion, and Saudi Arabia facilitated the arrival of the guests of Rahman by providing various programs to facilitate the performance of the rituals of Umrah.”

Scientists opinion

In the context, a professor of comparative jurisprudence and Islamic law in Egypt, Dr. Ahmed Karima, said that it is best for a person to go to perform Umrah and Hajj without the need for another person to perform this work on his behalf, according to the Masrawy website.

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