With respectively one and eight victories in 183 games played since their creation, the two small nations face each other this Tuesday evening in qualifying for the World Cup with the hope of striking a big blow.

Beaten 5-0 in Poland on Saturday, the San Marino players have the opportunity to do better against Andorra.


It’s the shock of the evening in the European qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar. No, we are not talking to you about Lithuania – Switzerland or England – Hungary, but about San Marino – Andorra.

Why is that? Because this Tuesday evening in Serravalle (8:45 p.m.), one of these two nations could well taste the joys of victory. And, given their respective statistics, whoever wins – as long as there is one – it would undeniably be an achievement.

Advantage Andorra

Rather judge. Last in the Fifa rankings (210th), San Marino has won only one of the 183 matches it has played since its debut in March 1986 (1-0 defeat to Canada). Since then, life has been hard for amateur footballers in the little republic. 183 games, 175 losses, seven small draws and therefore a single victory, all for a total goal average of 26-770! The day of glory dates back to April 28, 2004 when Liechtenstein fell in friendly at Serravalle (1-0).

Often battered (the Germans had spent a dry 13-0 in 2006), San Marino will come up against an opponent of its size on Tuesday. Andorra’s statistics are, in fact, hardly better. In 183 games, the people of the Principality celebrated eight wins and 23 parities (54-469 of goal-average).

Largely better ranked than its evening opponent in the Fifa hierarchy (156th, ahead of Malta, Moldova, Liechtenstein and Gibraltar), Andorra will nevertheless leave with a serious psychological advantage since its last success dates back to September 2 … against Saint- Marin (2-0) in the first leg.

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