Football province – Sturm’s training center on hold

The mills of politics grind slowly – Sturm can sing a song about it! But time is of the essence: the training center in Messendorf has long been bursting at the seams. Because there sweat not only the fighting team but also Sturm’s foals (who also had to move to Fernitz in between) and all the junior teams from U6 to U14. The Bundesliga women have already “emigrated” due to a permanent lack of space and train at the dressing station.

Sturm reacted to the crowd and secured the property of the former golf club in Graz-Puntigam. The excavators should have gone there in the near future (the construction work would take a good year), but the blacks are apparently waiting for Godot. The funding commitment from the state is still not in dry cloths. “Christian Jauk recently had a good conversation with Vice President Anton Lang, next week there will also be a meeting with the city of Graz,” says Thomas Tebbich, Managing Director Economics. Fix: If the subsidies for the training center, which is supposed to offer space for young people and women, burst, the purchase contract is also waste.

200 Kinder in Messendorf
Sturm has done its homework and there are plans for two variants. “Hopefully something will happen soon! We have to plan, after all, around 200 children need training opportunities. We’re willing to invest in that,” confirms sporting director Andreas Schicker. Currently, Sturm’s training conditions are similar to those in the deepest province.

If full concentration is required during the final training session for the pros, but youngsters are romping around in the next pitch, that’s not exactly Bundesliga worthy. Styria/Sturm also lags behind the other federal states in terms of academies. So the rest has an average of 3.5 places with floodlights available. In this country there are two – and only one has the light on.

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