Football Manager 2021 is coming to Xbox and not PlayStation due to disdain from Sony

This year, Football Manager returns to Xbox for the first time since 2007. Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition it is described as a “purpose-built” version of the game, based on the Football Manager Touch series, fully customized for use with an Xbox controller. We know this since yesterday, that Sports Interactive confirmed the release date of Football Manager 2021 and that it would arrive for the first time in a long time on Xbox One and Series X. But there was no announcement of arrival to other consoles outside the Xbox brand . Today we found out that Football Manager 2021 is coming to Xbox and not PlayStation due to disdain from Sony.

That’s right, it wasn’t an exclusivity payment issue that ended the Xbox-only game. It is all because apparently Sony did not send the Dev Kit to the developers to be able to carry out the version of PS4 and PS5. Miles Jacobson director of Football Manager has explained that it is possible that Sony did not have enough Dev Kits, but that the truth is that they did not receive theirs, which prevented development.

The explanation came via Twitter. Jacobson wrote on his own account to offer an explanation to fans:

The tweet says in Spanish:

because to create games for a platform, you need a development kit. To get a development kit, the platform owner must want the game on the platform. We speak to Sony, we do not have development kits. We talked to Microsoft, they sent them to us.

With this, Xbox users can feel lucky, because they can have a specific version for the console, which for now will come with a rather curious exclusivity. More than anything, thank you that Xbox is always interested in more games coming to its platform.