Football: Lausanne-Sport: a thrill to solidify the group


FootballLausanne-Sport: a thrill to solidify the group

From control to panic, LS had a funny victory in Aarau (2-1 victory). In the meantime, he ticks his boxes and regains his rank.

If the adventure were to end well, this Friday evening at the Brügglifeld will be a nice chapter to tell when thinking back to the obstacles overcome and the galleys crossed. First this match, long managed in boss mode, until leading 2-0. This is where the evidence that must accompany Lausanne-Sport during the season really began to jump out at you. As if everything was gradually taking shape. Then the hell of ten minutes locked up in full panic. Nerves giving way, legs shaking, the game rocking. A little, just not completely. Because in the midst of uncontrolled interventions (that of Anel Husic earned the 2-1 penalty in the 88th) and loss of control (Mickaël Nanizayamo took two yellows between the 87th and 94th), there had the decisive save by Thomas Castella. With him, the story does not have the same twist. Lausanne is back on track.

The Three Teachings

  • The LS figured out what to do with Archie Brown. As a full-back, the Englishman was good at helping out Team Vaud M21 in the 2nd Inter league, like last season. As a central defender, on the other hand, he discovered a real potential to evolve in the Swiss professional world. Perfect in his defensive interventions, sober in the recovery as we did not think he was capable of: XXL performance for him in Aarau.

  • Alvyn Sanches and Anel Husic may each have great potential and be the pride of the Vaudois training sector, the two young men seem to be animated by two very different characters on the ground. The first represents ice, unfailing calm. An Aargauer wants to butt heads with him? He turns his gaze, leaves to replace himself and avoids the conflict. A few minutes before putting on the 1-0. Where his partner relies on a much hotter temper. With its advantages sometimes, even if we rather saw the disadvantages on Friday: a surprisingly tense Anel Husic, and not only in the last minutes. The desire to do well certainly, which will have to be channeled.

  • 4000 people at the Brügglifeld, including a lot of ultra-hydrated people at the Smirnoff Ice, it makes noise and it impresses. “We felt their weight as soon as they put the 2-1,” readily admitted Ludovic Magnin. Aarau’s venerable stadium will once again experience lively evenings this season and coming to take points will undoubtedly be a nightmare for the nine other teams in the league. In the meantime, the LS has found the trick to do so. A win at the Brügglifeld, a win away, a win on the grass pitch: in 90 minutes, Lausanne ticked quite a few boxes that were close to their hearts in their short-term agenda.

The best players

A match, an invention, a goal: this is the price with Brighton Labeau. The Martinican striker created a brilliant fake just before scoring his third goal of the season, the 2-0. Very good game of Dominik Schwizer on the left side, fair in almost everything he does. The man of the match, we repeat, is called Archie Brown.

The most disappointing

A Nassim Zoukit who is asserting himself and gaining volume in the midfield, that must be good news for LS. But what waste in the game of the former Carougeois. He must do better, follow in the wake of Alvyn Sanches next to him. Otherwise, we did not understand Mickaël Nanizayamo’s match.

The declaration

“Now we will say that the series is from July 2022”

Ludovic Magnin, compared to LS’s last official victory on a grass pitch, in November 2021.

The future in a question

How many points will Lausanne-Sport lose this season after leading?

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