The Marseille rapper Mehdi YZ completed 700 km on Sunday to return his good to the supporter of the France team. A story that ends well, after an assault.

Clément and Mehdi YZ during the return of the Koundé jersey.


The news had fallen on Saturday during the day, via social networks: a supporter of the France team had been attacked after Jules Koundé had thrown his jersey in the stands of Juventus Stadium, at the end of the semi-final of the League of Nations.

Other unscrupulous spectators had knocked down, bit and hit Clement. Passed through the cracks of the Milanese security service, they boasted of their misdeed in a video posted by rapper Mehdi YZ.

The Marseillais subsequently deleted the video, explaining that it was not he who had committed the theft, and that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He had also promised to return the object to the supporter who received it first from the back of the France team.

Jules Koundé to the rescue of Clément

This case was subsequently returned to the ears of Jules Koundé who contacted the supporter directly. “I would like to thank everyone who shared and recounted my mishap. Jules Koundé asked me if I was okay. He was very disappointed to see what happened in the stadium for a simple jersey, it’s quite sad. And then he told me not to worry, and to keep the final jersey warm for me. “

Thing promised, thing returned

Jules Koundé was able to keep his jersey, following France’s victory in the League of Nations on Sunday against Spain (2-1). Mehdi YZ, the rapper, had traveled 700 km to personally surrender the object of the crime.

Clément testified to this on Twitter and at the same time asked that we stop attacking Mehdi YZ on social networks. Since the video was uploaded, the rapper had received numerous insults. «UPDATE@ mehdiyz13 brought me back the semi-final jersey tonight! All of Marseille mobilized to find the jersey, Mehdi and 3 of his friends traveled 700 km to return the jersey to me. Apology accepted for Mehdi who made sure that I get the jersey back.»

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