Football: In addition to the European Championship, there is Innsbruck football to cheer on

INNSBRUCK. The big kick-off on the weekend. Not only the European championship makes Innsbruck football hearts beat faster. The Innsbruck teams are also back in action. The 18 year old Justin Forst is moving from SVI to WSG Tirol and the ÖFB has decided on new rules.

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Finally live football again

The European championship starts on TV on Friday at 9 p.m. with the game Turkey against Italy. There are three games each on Saturday and Sunday, including the game between Austria and North Macedonia on Sunday at 6 pm. But the hunt for the round leather is not just in front of the TV sets. The ball is also rolling in lower house football. The Innsbruck clubs are involved in various competitions, in addition to the city derby between the IAC and FC Wacker Innsbruck II in the TFV Kerschdorfer Tirol Cup, the SVI, FC Veldidena and SK Wilten also have home games.

The games

Kerschdorfer Tirol Cup
Sat., 12.06., 4 p.m., IAC : FC Wacker Innsbruck II, ASKÖ sports ground Innsbruck
Sat, June 12th, 5 p.m., WSG Swarovski Tirol Amateurs: SVG Reichenau, Gernot Langes Stadium

Kerschdorfer Tirol Women Cup
Sat., 12.06., 5 pm, Kirchberg: Wilten, Artificial turf Kirchberg
Tuesday, June 15, 8 p.m., Lechaschau: ALL, Lechaschau sports field

Hypo Tirol League
Sat., 12.06., 3 p.m., ALL : SK Ebbs, sports ground Wiesengasse C
Sat., 12.06., 4 pm, SK St.Johann: Union Innsbruck, Koasastadion St.Johann

Gebitesliga West
Sun., June 13th, 4 p.m., Haiming: Reichenau SVG 1b, Haiming sports field

District League West
Sat., 12.06., 5 p.m., Veldidena : SPG Patsch / Ellbögen, artificial turf Beselesportplatz Wilten-West
Sun., June 13th, 4 p.m., Wilten : SPG Roppen / Karres, Kunstrasen Beselesportplatz Wilten-West

Young talent

WSG Tirol is pleased to be able to retain a great young talent with promising facilities in Justin Forst (18). The 18-year-old striker, who still goes to school at the Sport-BORG in Innsbruck and will finish his Matura in the coming school year, was trained at SVI and has now come to Wattens via AKA Tirol U15, U16 and U18. At this year’s season finale of the ÖFB youth league U18 (the Tyroleans play in Bregenz), Forst still has the chance to snatch the top scorer’s crown next weekend. In the previous 18 season operations, he snapped 14 times. At the end of March, the 18-year-old took part in the course of the U18 national team in Lindabrunn at the invitation of the ÖFB and was used in the test match against the FAC. The WSG thanks the SVI and AKA Tirol for the fair handling of the transfer. Stefan Köck (WSG Sports Director): “We are delighted that with Justin we were able to win another young Tyrolean for WSG. We have been following his career for a long time. Now was the time to sign him. Thanks also go to the sports fans of the Sportverein Innsbruck (SVI) and the officials and trainers of AKA Tirol for his training and the very correct handling of this transfer. “

New rules

The following resolutions were passed at the joint club conference and the subsequent extraordinary general meeting.

Table ranking
Last summer, the Austrian Football League spoke out in favor of a change in the table ranking at the ÖFB, so that direct duels would be preferred to goal difference in the ranking if there was a tie. This new regulation was decided by the ÖFB Presidium on April 30, 2021 for all football leagues.
Today, the Bundesliga has determined based on this that in the event of a tie in the final round, all matches between the respective clubs against each other during the entire championship (including those in the basic round) will be equally rated.
As of the coming season, the new order will be:

  • Rounded points after halving
  • direct duel
  • higher goal difference
  • higher number of goals scored
  • higher number of wins
  • higher number of away wins

Maintaining 5 player changes per game
The rule introduced by the pandemic that each team can make 5 player changes per game has been confirmed for the coming season. This possibility arises from the corresponding resolutions of the football rulers IFAB and the ÖFB presidium.

Trainer qualifications
The ÖFB rules with regard to coaching qualifications that will apply from the coming season have been incorporated into the Bundesliga license and admission regulations. The most important innovation is that coaches with a UEFA A license (instead of UEFA Pro license or UEFA A license ALT) can now work as head coach at a club in the 2nd division.

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