Football: How to take two cards in 20 seconds, definition


FootballHow to take two boxes in 20 seconds, definition

In League Two, Lee Tomlin was sent back to the locker room on Saturday just before halftime. He received two warnings in quick succession.

Lee Tomlin in his works Saturday.

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The Premier League, Community Shield oblige, does not resume until next weekend but the lower leagues have already started the new season. And it started in a rather silly way for a certain Lee Tomlin.

For his first meeting with his new club Doncaster, which plays in the 4th division (League Two), the 33-year-old midfielder no longer had an ounce of lucidity in him on Saturday, shortly before halftime.

He first picked up a yellow card for disrupting a free-kick attempt. Then, twenty seconds later, the one who played a large part of his career in the Championship did it again before collapsing on a timid opposing sole.

The improbable expulsion of Lee Tomlin did not, in the end, harm his team, which brought back the point of the draw from Bradford (0-0).

But the trainer, Gary McSheffrey, did not fail to underline the “idiocy” of his recruit. “He did several really stupid things in the span of thirty seconds.” to say the least.


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