Football: FC Barcelona risks bankruptcy

EIn debt to the tune of 900 million euros, Barça is dangerously close to bankruptcy. While the club struggles to move up the slope sportingly, its bloodless finances leave little hope for the years to come, says The Parisian, which quotes the Catalan daily The vanguard. FC Barcelona, ​​which will face PSG in the knockout stages of the Champions League on February 16, must serve nearly half of its debt by the end of the year. The health crisis, synonymous with closed doors for almost a year, has left its mark on the side of the Blaugrana club.

Asked by The Parisian, the sports economy specialist Pierre Rondeau does not believe in the bankruptcy of Barça. It “can’t fall apart, it’s not like a company in another area. A financial actor will come to save it. It has such influence around the world that it will find potential investors who will be ready to advance funds by focusing on a recovery, ”he assures our colleagues, while emphasizing the“ extremely serious ”nature of the situation. .

An inevitable departure for Lionel Messi?

The arrival of investors is however conditional on a change of status. Currently, the Catalan club is a non-profit civil society owned by member supporters, called partners. It will have to transform into SASP (professional sporting limited company) to open its capital, recalls The Parisian, according to whom a more austere management of finances is in all cases essential. The departure of Lionel Messi, at the end of his contract in six months, has never seemed so close.

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“I don’t see how they’re going to be able to keep Lionel Messi. It costs them 100 million euros gross per year. To keep him he would have to be offered a 75% pay cut. It would have been more judicious to sell it before it is free and to recover the money on its transfer ”, explains Pierre Rondeau to our colleagues. The departure of “la pulga”, which nobody imagined leaving Barcelona two years ago, would be a cataclysm for the Catalan institution. He alone would symbolize the difficult situation of Barça, that of a club at the end of the cycle.