The takeover of Newcastle by Saudi Arabia has hurt the morale of the last Marseille fans who believed in an imminent sale of OM, the time has now come to clash with those who have surfed these rumors.

For nearly a year and a half, rumors have circulated about the possible sale of the Olympique de Marseille, and all this without any confidentiality. We remember the long soap opera Ajroudi-Boudjellal, which turned tragicomic, but there was even stronger last February. While the rumor of a transfer from OM faded a bit, Thibaud Vézirian literally set fire to Marseille and social networks by claiming that Saudi Arabia was buying the club from Frank McCourt and that the press release formalizing this sale was already drafted. A bombshell that excited Marseille fans, who were already seeing stars quickly joining the Vélodrome. Yes, but here it is, this press release never arrived and despite the reminders on this subject, and the famous hashtag #VenteOM, the “experts” who were all convinced that the club was being sold have gradually disappeared. And when Newcastle suddenly formalized the Saudis’ takeover on Friday, it was almost a fatal blow.

Because on the side of the Olympique de Marseille, those who were convinced that the deal was done understood that on the side of Saudi Arabia we were advancing discreetly, and not by multiplying the leaks, and above all we want to bet on the Premier League to settle in football. So, even if some have tried to revive this story by making OM a possible “satellite club” for the Saudis, just like Inter, the mayonnaise no longer takes. And in a live debate on Twitter, Mathieu Grégoire, journalist from L’Equipe in Marseille often attacked violently in recent months not to take up the rumors of a sale of OM, settled the accounts and hit the job. ” They are always the same “hams”, those who talk about the sale of OM every day, including Vézirian. It is always the same individuals, a small clique which passes on the same things (…) There is not a single quality media which announced the slightest thing on the sale of OM to the Saudis. All that is It’s Pipo and Molo. This does not mean that OM will not be sold in 1, 2, 3 or 10 years, but what we experienced in February is one of the biggest scams in French sport. “, Launched the journalist from L’Equipe. A few days before, Nabil Djellit had also quipped on this subject by commenting on the sale of Newcastle of a ” Weird I was told they were coming to Marseille ? ».

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