Foodstuff: steep rise in prices on the eve of Eid

As every year on the eve of the Eid festival, the prices of fruits and vegetables are taking off. On all markets, food prices have started to rise again, compared to those practiced a few days ago.

Indeed, certain vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and onions, as well as zucchini, turnips and green beans, products necessary for the preparation of traditional dishes cooked on the occasion of the Eid festival. El Adha, recorded a sharp rise in their prices.

Meats, vegetables, toys, clothes: products that you can’t do without, but it’s expensive. A simple walk to the market will suffice to see how on the eve of each event to religious markets, people rush for purchases that we can not do without despite the soaring prices.

As usual

And like every year, traders never let a party go by without putting their rising grain on their stalls.

Lettuce is sold at 150 DA per kilo, tomato at 150, peppers at 140, zucchini at 200, carrot at 100, artichoke at 200, turnips at 200, potato at 70, onions at 50 and the garlic, still fresh, is sold between 70 and 85 DA.

The prices of vegetables, fruits, meat and fish have broken all records. Chicken emptied at more than 400 DA per kilogram, potato 80 DA, bordering in places on 100 DA / kg and red meat from 1200 DA / kg, fruit prices are not left out. The banana is sold between 190 and 250 DA, the apples between 200 and 400 DA will have been the illustration of a grueling aid for families who have seen their purchasing power melt like snow in the sun.

Faced with these consequences of the carelessness of the Departments of Commerce and Agriculture, Algerians live badly and see their holidays often spoiled by additional and unfair costs.

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