Foods to avoid if you have high cholesterol

Having high cholesterol is highly risky for health, as it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease: which foods to avoid in this case

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It’s a bad blow to find out you have the so-called high cholesterol through the analyses. We talk about hypercholesterolemia when the total cholesterol exceeds i 200 mg/dl and the risk factors that can lead to this pathology are obesity o overweightbut there are people who are genetically predisposed.

Without going into too much medical detail, having high cholesterol has no direct effect on salute of people. At the same time, however, the risk of developing strongly increases diseases cardiovascular, heart attack e stroke. To lower bad cholesterol levels in the blood, you need to follow a diet and avoid certain foods in particular.

What not to eat with high cholesterol

foods to avoid high cholesterol

Foods to avoid in case of hypercholesterolemia They are different. First of all, you need to avoid simple sugars which lead to an increase in glycemia. Also refined grainsil White bread and the pizza they have a high glycemic index and should be dosed. To avoid, or almost, also the coffee for an increase in cortisolemia. Sausages, animal fats, burro e panna they contain high levels of bad fats and cholesterol and moreover they are high calorietherefore they must be abolished.

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Also to be limited alcoholic e carbonated drinksespecially if i triglycerides they are tall. THE fresh cheeses they should be completely eliminated for some time, as they are rich in cholesterol. On the other hand, seasoned ones like the Parmigiano. Saturated vegetable oils like the one of rapeseed o palma absolutely not to be hired. In the end, latte e yogurt whole should be replaced with semi-skimmed e greco. In addition, one must avoid to fry food and prefer cooking methods such asroast on plate, stewing, boiling, steam e oven.

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To be favored in nutrition are vegetables, cereals e legumes thanks to the presence of fibre e plant sterols. Two portions of fruit per day, for properties antioxidants, are highly recommended. Favor the blue fish and the White meat or, however, lean is another important step in regulating cholesterol levels.



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