Food prices are rising drastically: now Rewe is giving customers hope

Food prices are skyrocketing in many supermarkets and discounters. (symbol photo)

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At Aldi, Lidl and Co., food prices are rising. A supermarket is now announcing a special route to its customers.

Kassel – The everyday life of many people in Germany is becoming more and more expensive. Not only are the exploding electricity, gas and fuel prices currently making life difficult for consumers, food is also becoming significantly more expensive. The discounter Aldi has already raised the prices of many products.

In addition to Aldi*, price increases have already been announced for other supermarkets and discounters such as Lidl and Edeka. For example, at Lidl* eggs were already more expensive at the beginning of the year. According to the general bakery newspaper (ABZ), bread and rolls are also likely to cost more due to rising production costs and poor harvests. However, one supermarket has now declared that it does not want to pass the rising supplier prices on to customers in full.

More expensive prices in the supermarket unsettle customers – Rewe wants to go its own way

According to a Spiegel survey, 61 percent of Germans fear rising prices in the future. The fear is so great that they are already reducing their spending, according to the results of the survey. And not only the rising prices, but also the empty shelves unsettle consumers. Not least because of the Ukraine conflict*, more and more groceries suddenly became scarce in the supermarket.

But Rewe* now emphasizes that it does not want to pass on all of the suppliers’ cost increases to customers. But how does Rewe want to proceed here? Rewe boss Lionel Souque told the German Press Agency that they did not want to add part of the additional costs for energy and transport to food prices. “It is important not to complain, but to take measures.” For example, Rewe is checking whether lighting or room temperatures could be reduced in the shops.

Groceries are becoming more expensive: which prices at Rewe are increasing despite the special route

The Rewe boss therefore expected a little less profit than in the previous year. “After just a few months, we can see that our margin is suffering this year.” However, we earned enough last year. “We hope, like everyone else, that the war will not last for years and that at some point the situation will normalize.”

But which foods are now more expensive at Rewe. To that end, the supermarket boss was still relatively covered. At the virtual annual press conference of the retail and tourism group, he emphasized: “All product groups will be affected more or less at some point.” Some more than others, “certainly the fresh products a bit more”. In this context, the Rewe boss referred to increased costs, for example for paper packaging or electricity. For many consumers, it seems that there will be little relief in the near future. (slo with material from dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.



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