FOMO Agenda: 11 Incredible 'Very AD' Ideas We've Fallen In Love With Lately

FOMO Agenda: 11 Incredible 'Very AD' Ideas We've Fallen In Love With Lately

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FOMO Agenda 11 amazing ideas 'very AD that we have fallen in love with lately

Space designed by the DIIR and Hanghar studios.Photo courtesy of the Leading Brands Forum.

Welcome to our FOMO agenda, a corner full of places, products, experiences and exhibitions that you cannot (and do not want to) miss.

*FOMO, of English fear of missing out, translates into Spanish as “fear of missing something and not being up to date.” This word, which probably already resonates in your mind, refers to the anguish that we can feel if we do not We are aware of the news in the sector. News that, in this last month, have not been exactly few. Since it is not feasible to always be everywhere –although of course we would like to-, AD compiles the best of the last weeks so you don’t lose the thread.

  • This year CAMPERLAB has celebrated the ARCOmadrid Art Fair with a special exhibition of the Primavera collection...

    Life, according to Camper, should be rosy

    This year, CAMPERLAB has celebrated the ARCOmadrid Art Fair with a special exhibition of the Spring / Summer 2023 collection at the emblematic Camper store on Serrano street –which was created by the Japanese design firm Nendo in 2013–.

    Achilles Ion Gabriel, the firm’s creative director, decided to cover the walls of the premises with a pink vinyl layer to temporarily cover the space with the main color of the collection. Likewise, the shop windows –absolutely viral– were dyed in the same tone thanks to the graffiti “Fuck normal I want magic”, by the German-Polish artist Mateusz von Motz. “It was a last minute decision”, Achilles assures us, “I love his work, in fact I even published it on my networks and I thought it would be perfect for the occasion. Two days later we had him flying to Madrid on the edge to arrive on time”.

  • Spanish design is made with ARCOmadrid 2023

    This year, the great event in the art world has actually been a Community party at the service of Spanish design. Integrated into the proposal chosen this year for the Guest Lounge –nicknamed Verbena and projected by the DIIR and Hanghar studios–, the brands that have collaborated, all part of the contract group of the Forum of Renowned Spanish Brandshave provided the distinctive elements that welcomed visitors during the ARCOmadrid fair.

    Thus we have seen several stools Fluteseats Number 10 and tables Tabula TAR of active; a large bar of almost 20 meters made with Pietra Kode of Cosentino; precious textile coverings Crevin which, with their blue, yellow and beige tones, managed to enliven the space even more, and a large communal table made with the system TRIOVO of Fama. As well as several of its sofas Theseus.

    There has also been room for the armchairs and poufs of Gandia Blasco that the assistants were changing places according to their needs; several poufs Ottoman of Joker; lamps Ice Cream –shaped like a lantern– and the mythical vases Conversation of thief, the familiar and magical lamps Agatha, of LZF Lamps, and some seats Gingerchairs Supra and low tables Juno of Heritage.

    The project has been inspired by popular festivals as a representation of the collaboration, interaction, celebration and joy that characterizes Mediterranean cultures.Verbena seeks to make the Guest Lounge “a space that finally escapes restrictions and is filled with elements recovered from our popular traditionwhich in turn combat the isolation in which our society has been subjected in recent years”, according to their designers.

  • The happiness of having a birthday, by Tectona

    Since 1977 it has Tectonathe French outdoor furniture firm, designing exclusive pieces that dress all kinds of gardens, patios, terraces and even palaces and castles. And it is when something is well done, it is not difficult for it to last over time, as fresh and current as the first day. This year, the house celebrates its 45th anniversary accompanied by Christophe Delcourt and Constance Guisset, two design greats who respectively give life to the collections Shanghai y Chelsea.

    Through rigor and flexibility, Shanghai represents perfection thanks to its generous proportions and its forms traced between straight and curved lines, registering this lounger in a classic as well as contemporary repertoire. Chelsea, for his part, play blur the lines between sensuality and robustness of materials with an aluminum sofa and two coffee tables crowned with teak wood.

    Here’s to many more years!

  • javier bravo, JAVIER BRAVO

    Kave Home opens its new ‘flagship store’ on Orense street in Madrid

    The Spanish brand has presented its new concept and store redesign for the first time: 935 m2, 17 sets and numerous limited edition products designed by the brand. The space on Calle Orense 2 It is distributed over five large floors, where you can breathe calm thanks to the neutral and warm tones that star in the color palette. Light oak wood is chosen to display decoration products, adding contrast and giving them prominence, achieving a unique visual balance.

    The terracotta tones are also part of the chromatic set of the environment, which provide the Mediterranean touch that honors the origin of the brand and its artisan character, in addition to achieving timelessness and neutrality to highlight the designer furniture on display. It is the fifteenth physical store of Kave Home in Spanish territory, after Barcelona, ​​Vigo, Pontevedra, A Coruña, Ourense, Málaga, Martorell, Bilbao, Girona, Reus, Zaragoza and Pamplona.

  • Adrian Mora Maroto

    Clear and sincere minimalist language, by Mobalco and Rubén Muedra

    In the Casa VerticaldeRuben Muedra, there is room for everything: an English patio, a gym, a garage with capacity for four vehicles and even a porch with a barbecue and swimming pool. The dream of any tenant. However, what we look at most closely when buying or renting a home are not those extras that, although wonderful and desirable, do not directly influence our routine. No, what We observe, shred and judge down to the millimeter are the two queen rooms of a house: the bathroom and of course the cocina. In search of that warm and welcoming atmosphere that both the client and the architect wanted to achieve, they have opted for include the kitchen organic of Mobalco (experts in ecodesign), in solid wood and Breccia Imperiale stone and finished veiled oak.

    “The interior of the house is conceived as a space that flows and connects the rooms in a very natural way, being able to create semi-independent spaces thanks to the large sliding doors that give richness and dynamism to a changing and versatile space on the inside,” they explain from the studio. .

    Here we would stay to live forever.

  • The book we all need on the shelf

    From the March 14 will see the light internationally Secret Houses, Living in Menorcaa book with text of Susana Gallardophotographs by Karel Balas and edited by Rizzoli, which shows the interiors of the most spectacular private houses on the balearic island. A look at that bohemian-chic architecture so characteristic of the natural paradise and that runs through the vacation retreats of artists, creatives and other sun-loving spirits.

  • Art and sport, the combination you didn’t expect (but it works)

    Also in the artistic umbrella that has assumed ARCOmadrid Technogym has gone a step further in its process of transform the most hedonistic vision of the world of fitness with a space focused on well-being at all levels: physical, mental and aesthetic. Together with Patricia Urquiola, the brand has created an artistic stage dedicated to Wellness, movement and sport, made up of a series of translucent yellow screens. Also, the stand was completely covered by a seamless yellow carpet that covered both the walls and the floor, creating an attractive environment with rhythm and crowned with products of the Personal Line de Technogyma line that naturally fuses sport and design.

  • A gruesome gastronomic spectacle

    Carlos Maldonado, chef awarded a Michelin Star for his Raíces restaurant, has done it again. This time, between two loaves and on the grill.

    This is El Círculo, the new line of hamburgers at home that Maldonado has created. Its particularity? Each one of them is inspired in one of the circles of hell that Dante Alighieri recounts in his** Divine Comedy**. ‘Lust’, ‘Treason’ or ‘Heresy’ are some of the titles that his creations receive. The result is a smash burger innovative flavor and literary soul.

  • Neolith receives the prestigious Alfa de Oro Award for innovation for the seriesIconic Design

    Why limit yourself when you can have it all? Baptized as the new generation of surfaces of Neolith,Iconic Designis he biggest technological breakthrough with 3D printing presented in the industry so far. at the forefront indesign,innovation ysustainabilityThus, the firm presents a revolutionary surface that allows for the introduction of more vivid colors and greater depth, as well as new textures. An effort to break the confines of design and push the industry towards new heights that has earned them the Alpha Gold Award for innovation and the First Interior Design Prize for the Best Cevisama Stand 2023.


    The gastronomic tribute we deserve

    Money does not bring happiness, but food, without a place no doubt, yes. That’s why, Osborneambassador of Spanish gastronomy in the world, launches The awakening of the sensesa (very) limited edition tasting designed to conquer the hearts of the most foodies with small bites paired with their wines, spirits, Iberian and caviar.

    The experience begins with the gin Nordes, aromatic with fruity and floral notes; continues with a bite that symbolizes the water, freshness, nature and purity of the town of Loja with Caviar Riofrio; continue with theMontecillo Wine150th Anniversary 2018whose harmony is inspired by the spirit of the vine, the bond with the land and the strong commitment to the place and is resumed with a bite Five Jacks, that reflects the spirit of the Dehesa (accompanied, more and more, by wineOsborne Solera PAP=.

    The fifth step of this experience is carried out by Charles I, con ganache carrot and pumpkin with medieval spices, crunchy biscuit and a cocoa butter coating. To end,Monkey anise,that seeks to resume Catalan modernism in its design.

    Our mouths are watering.

  • Finger licking good, with Muñoz Bosch and Cookplay

    In addition to the City of Sciences, the Cabañal and the Malvarrosa, Valencia is famous for its wonderful gastronomy. It’s no wonder Cookplay y Muñoz Bosch have chosen, therefore, such a spot for publicize the new Cookplay collections together with chef Jordi Morera. The proposal consisted of a haute cuisine menu, presented in the firm’s new formats (one of the latest professional tableware commitments from the house dedicated to supplying and advising the Muñoz Bosch hospitality industry). “Cookplay bases its production processes on the traditional methods of creating high porcelain tableware from Limoges”, tells us Ana Roquero, founder of the company. “But it also goes beyond tradition, with innovative, transgressive designs and original shapes inspired by nature”, she says.

  • The Highlands are also lived in Spain

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