Follow the live between Olympique de Marseille and Hyères 83 FC


At the Francis Turcan stadium in Martigues, OM reached the round of 16 of the Coupe de France by defeating FC Hyères 83 (2-0). Alexis Sanchez and Bamba Dieng made the difference, despite Eric Bailly being sent off early.

Sport OM 2-0 Hyeres (N2)

Buts : Alexis Sanchez (s.p.) (45e+1), Dieng (71e) for OM
Red card: Bailly (15th) side OM

90’+3 : GO, IT’S OVER! VICTORY FOR OM 2-0 WHO WILL NOT HAVE BEEN TOO MUCH ANnoyed BY THE EARLY EXCLUSION OF ERIC BAILLY. Alexis Sanchez on penalty and Bamba Dieng sealed the success of the Olympians. Thank you for following us, kisses on the neck and have a nice weekend!

90′ : Come on, three more minutes to eat… AND BEN SEGHIR’S FACE TO FACE! He ruined everything, he could even have served Guendouzi.

85′ : Double change for OM which finally happens: the young Elmaz and the other young Ben Seghir replace Dieng and Under.

83′ : UNDER! OM chained the counterattacks, and the Turk did not fit in a very good position on the right side!

81′ : Only ten minutes left, and this feeling that it’s there, it’s done for OM.

78′ : Mollo who slips on a very well placed free kick. Terrible, he deserved to shine.

75′ : Before that, there was a double change – the last – for OM: Zerfaoui and Assez were replaced by Baana Jaba and El Farissi.

74′ : WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY FOR HYERES! Lemb, five meters, dribbled Blanco but did not fit … The 2-1 ball was there for Hyères.

71′ : GOAL FOR OM WHO MAKES THE BREAAAAK! Another in-depth call from Bamba Dieng, who this time resisted the return of the Hyèroise defense and crossed his shot perfectly to send OM almost into the sixteenth round.

67′ : The strike of the incoming Lemb! She flies over Blanco’s cage. There is still time to go hang this shootout at the end for Hyères.

62′ : Double change as planned for the Hyèrois: Maxime Allione and Celin Lemb replace Jérémy Cordoval and Mahlon Barty.

60′ : Change first for OM: Alexis Sanchez is replaced by Valentin Rongier. The Chilean hands his jersey to a ball boy and is cheered by the Olympian fans present in the stands.

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58′ : Shot next to Dieng and double change to come on the side of Hyères.

54′ : THE POST THAT SAVED OM! Sahnoune arms at the entrance to the area and his attempt crashes into the amount of Blanco who was beaten.

53′ : DIEG! Well launched in depth, it goes just next door for the Marseille striker …

52′ : What a comeback from Pape Gueye on Enough in his own area… It’s magnificent, but we weren’t far from the penalty.

50′ : The start is clearly to the advantage of Hyères, who is becoming aware of the nice shot to play.

48′ : BARTY’S STRIKE! She brushes the Olympian post, but the little one is starting to show its teeth.

46′ : From the start, Hyères attacks on the left side but Magnora’s cross is captured by Blanco.


45’+7 : IT’S THE BREAK IN MARTIGUES! At 10, OM did the hardest part by opening the scoring from the penalty spot just before the break against a team from Hyères who could still believe it in the second half.

45’+3 : I can’t wait to see the second half because the scenario is perfect for having a legendary match.

45+1′: GOAL FOR OM! Alexis Sanchez slams a panenka to the chagrin of Charly Jean but just before the break, the Olympians take cover!

44′ : PENALTY FOR OM! Found in the back of the defense of FC Hyères, Under is touched very slightly by Agueni.

43′ : Offside position for Kolasinac who had gone behind the defense of this N2 formation. The chances are rather Marseille at the end of the first period, while a long stoppage of play will certainly be announced in the next few seconds.

40′ : Good Olympian movement which ends with a tense cross from Mbemba well captured by Charly Jean.

38′ : Head of Pineau well captured by Blanco. On the counter, Dieng goes to the limit of offside and tries his luck at twenty-five meters. But it’s too crossed.

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37′ : Fault from Under on Mollo at the knee and good free kick to come for the Hyèrois.

34′ : What an opportunity for Hyères! Found in the Olympian area, Zerfaoui crosses his shot too much in front of Blanco!

31′ : Barty gets the best of Balerdi, already warned, and grabs the corner. And if…

29′ : Extraordinary, Mahlon Barty the number 9 of Hyères, who stops the ball too long which was going to come out in touch of the hand as in training and who comes out without a yellow card.

27′ : Surprisingly, the players of Hyères have moved back a little more since they are in numerical superiority.

25′ : THE VERETOUT BAR! Direct free kick from Veretout who hits the crossbar of Jean.

23′ : It will be interesting to see how OM will behave at ten for almost ninety minutes. Not sure that was part of Igor Tudor’s plans for this story.

20′ : Change for Hyères therefore: Aboubacar Magnora replaces Moussa N’Diaye who will obviously be evacuated from the stadium. Another change also for OM which is reorganizing: Issa Kaboré is sacrificed for Chancel Mbemba.

18′ : The healers are on the lawn, Moussa N’Diaye is still on the ground following this big mistake by Bailly. Under the eyes of the inhabitants of Martigues who watch the match from their apartment.

15′ : RED CARD FOR ERIC BAILLY! Insane foul by the Marseille defender for a high-kick on N’Diaye who went against following a dangerous free kick… N’Diaye will also go out visibly, but this kick on the chest is very, very dangerous. OM WILL PLAY AT 10.

14′ : Faults along the sideline, like this one from Agueni on Kolasinac, must be stopped.

12′ : OH THE BAMBA DIENG SLIDE! He was not offside yet the Senegalese international… The lawn looks terrible.

9′ : The “free kick” + “Guendouzi at the first post” combination is starting to show.

7′ : A bit silly foul by Mollo on Kaboré, and a good free kick near the corner post for OM.

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6′ : Muscled contact in Sahnoune and Veretout, a little damage but the game resumes!

4′ : Nice deep pass from N’Diaye towards Benbachir who is hooked by Balerdi. Yellow card for the Marseille defender. The free kick that follows is totally wasted.

2′ : Already a big opportunity for OM! Corner hit from the left by Veretout cut at the near post by Guendouzi! It slips into Jean’s little net.

1′ : A lot of mist because of the fumis, and the first opening of Guendouzi well managed by the Hyéroise rearguard.

1′ : LET’S GO !

0′ : Karim Masmoudi, unofficial lookalike of Roberto De Zerbi. A sign ?

0′ : The referee of the meeting will be Jérémy Stinat, you do what you want with this info.

0′ : The teams enter the field! Big atmosphere all the same in this cauldron of 9,000 places. How do you feel, OM fans?

0′ : As you can see at the very bottom of this live, there are the compositions of the two teams and two pieces of information result from this: a lot of changes at OM, especially behind, and Pape Gueye in the three-man defense with Ruben Blanco in the cages, while Yohan Mollo will try to make this N2 team that is the Hyères 83 Football Club shine.

0′ : Coupe de France obliges, a bit special format for this live but don’t worry: I perfectly see your comments and your mockery on the future missed tests of Alexis Sanchez.

0′ : Hello everyone ! The magic of the Coupe de France offers us a beautiful Southern derby between OM and Hyères (N2) at the Francis Turcan stadium in Martigues!

Marseille (3-4-3) : White – Bailly, Balerdi, Gueye – Kabore (Mbemba,e), Kolasinac, Veretout, Guendouzi – Under (Elmaz, 86e), Sanchez (Rongier, 60e), Dieng (Ben Seghir, 85e). Coach : Igor Tudor.

Hyères 83 FC (4-4-2): Jan – Pineau, Sahnoune, Agueni, Cordoval (Allione, 62e) – N’Diaye (Magnora,e), Zerfaoui (v, 75e), Barty (Lemb, 62e), Benbachir – Enough (El Farissi, 75e), Fire. Coach : Karim Masmoudi.

Par Andrea Chazy



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