Follow a healthy diet, if you have been diagnosed with prediabetes

Why is this study important?

The study that we mentioned at the beginning is important because it will help us to be more aware of how important it is follow a healthy diet and habits to control prediabetes.

“In general, we tend to treat prediabetes as unimportant. But we found that prediabetes itself can significantly increase the chances that someone will have a major cardiovascular event, even if they never develop diabetes,” says Dr. Adrian Michel, an internal medicine resident at Beaumont-Royal Oak Hospital in the United States and lead author of the study, one of the largest to date. “Instead of preventing diabetes, we have to change our focus and prevent prediabetes.”

However, prediabetes is quite common. This study revealed that serious cardiovascular events occurred in 18% of people with prediabetes, compared with 11% of people with normal blood sugar levels during an average of five years of follow-up.

The relationship between higher blood sugar levels and cardiovascular events remained significant even after taking into account other factors that could influence, such as age, gender, body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol, sleep apnea, smoking, and peripheral arterial disease.

“According to our data, having prediabetes almost doubled the chance of having a major adverse cardiovascular event.” As doctors, we have to spend more time on educate our patients about the risk of high blood sugar levels and what it means for their health heart disease, and consider starting medication much earlier or more aggressively, and counseling on modifying risk factors, including advice on exercise and a healthy diet. “

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