Focus Home Interactive says it’s coming out in the summer

The new game in the Alien saga will be a multiplayer cooperative action FPS.

If you are followers of the Alien saga and you like their video games, surely you are looking forward to Aliens: Fireteam, a new proposal in the franchise. This video game is a first-person shooter focused on cooperative multiplayer, something that still has not liked all fans equally. But, since its announcement, we have not had much news, something that has missed to the players.

Initially, Cold Iron Studios He indicated that the video game would arrive in the summer of 2021, something that lately some players have questioned due to the absence of news. It is true that it is striking that there is nothing new (we will see if we see something in the next summer events), but we can rest assured: it has been confirmed that the launch window remains in summer.

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As has been collected by Gamespot, Focus Home Interactive (publisher of the game in some territories such as Europe) has listed the game for summer 2021. Therefore, despite the silence of recent weeks, everything seems to be going smoothly. As we say, perhaps E3 2021 or the Summer Game Fest are good scenarios to talk more about the game and to give a final release date.

Aliens: Fireteam Will Place Us 23 years later of the original Alien trilogy and players will be able to select different characters with different roles to be able to overcome the game and beat the xenomorphs. The approach will be very different from Alien Isolation, a video game that we liked a lot in its day. If you want to know more about Alien: Fireteam, don’t miss this 25 minute gameplay.

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