Can you imagine getting to work “flying”? That reality is getting closer and closer, and a couple of days ago humanity was able to witness how the first air journey of a auto between two cities.

On Freeways we will tell you how this history was lived flight.

This tour was in charge of the “dual mode” vehicle AirCar 1, which on June 28 completed for the first time a flight of approximately 84 kilometers, with a duration of 35 minutes, from Nitra International Airport to Bratislava International Airport, Slovakia.

The patent for this car that seems to come from the future belongs to the Slovak company Klein Vision, which had been conducting take-off and landing tests with the Air Car since the end of last year. However, the Slovak company has worked on this prototype since 2017, revolutionizing the market by presenting this model as a “flying car”.

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How the AirCar 1 works

In a video published by the official page of Klein Vision, which was in charge of documenting the most important moments of the flight, you can see how the car begins to accelerate and then automatically transitions in a matter of minutes from a land vehicle to an aerial one with the help of its advanced electronic system that is configured to activate or retract the wings, tail and propeller.

To achieve the benefits of both vehicles, it was necessary to adapt the design and capabilities of each into one. The AirCar 1 it is capable of supporting up to 200 kilograms and has capacity for two passengers. Another of its functions is that it can take flight without necessarily needing a pilot / driver, and for landing it needs a clear horizontal surface.

This successful feat was maneuvered by Stefan Klein, inventor of the prototype, and Anton Zajac, co-founder of Klein Vision, who showed how the “airplane“Became a car sporting in less than three minutes, which made the show even more impressive.

(Photo: no-vision-com)

The best of two worlds in the same invention

The AirCar Prototype 1 it combines the main functions of an airplane and a car in a hybrid model. It is equipped with a 160 horsepower BMW engine with fixed propeller and ballistic parachute.

All the evidence for this flying car were supervised by the Slovak Civil Aviation Authority, these tests consisted of more than 40 flight hours, 142 landings, maneuvers such as sharp turns, stability and maneuverability measures. So far, the AirCar Prototype 1 It has flown heights of up to 8,200 feet, reaching speeds of 190 km / h.

Through a statement issued by Klein Vision it was reported that the company is already working on the AirCar Prototype 2 which for now is in pre-production with different functions to those of its sister model. This hybrid vehicle will have a 300 horsepower engine, and is expected to reach cruising speeds of 300 km, (an electronic system that allows to keep the car at a constant speed or accelerate without using the accelerator pedal), and a range of a thousand kilometers.

This model will have the CS-23 certifications required and issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA, modified in 2017 in order to design and market new models of safe and innovative aerial vehicles.


Achievement of years of research and dedication that will revolutionize transportation

Regarding this historic flight, Stefan Klein mentioned that this flight it will initiate a new era of dual transport vehicles and will imply the opening of a new category of transport with the freedom originally attributed to automobiles.

“The AirCar it is no longer just a test, it has turned science fiction into reality, “added Anton Zajac, the entrepreneur and co-founder of Klein Vision.

For his part, Branko Sarh, a member of the American multinational Boeing Co, mentioned that this invention is not only the result of pioneering enthusiasm, innovative spirit and courage; they are the fruits of excellent engineering and professional knowledge.

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The market launch date of this vehicle, which according to its creators is expected to be useful for both pleasure trips and private transport service, has not yet been announced, and while this is happening, the “flying car”Will continue to carry out tests to ensure the safety of the crew and the effectiveness of their duties.