Fluorite: what it is, what it is for and where to place it to attract good luck

Fluorite: what it is, what it is for and where to place it to attract good luck

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Do you know fluorite? This mineral has great physical properties such as fluorescence that make it one of the most sought after minerals worldwide.

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  • What is fluorite?
  • What is fluorite used for?
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  • Where to place the fluorite stone at home according to Feng Shui?

Fluorite is one of the brightest gemstones in existence. Its physical properties such as fluorescence make this mineral so special and sought after not only for its properties, but also for its spiritual energy. Do you want to discover more?

What is fluorite?

fluorite It is a mineral that belongs to the group of halides and is composed mainly of calcium fluoride and fluorine., the main mineral of fluorine. In other words, fluorite is a combination of the elements calcium and fluorine that forms well-developed, cubic and sometimes octahedral crystals.

The most common colors that fluorite presents are green, blue, violet or yellow. In addition to the variation of shades, fluorite can have different properties. When it is pure, that is, it does not contain other minerals, can be colorless or transparent. And it can also present different colors in the same piece. This variety of fluorite is known by the name of banded fluorite or rainbow fluorite, one of the most popular.


Discover the properties of fluorite.


Fluorite can be found as a major component in hydrothermal reefs. It can also be found in pegmatites and other igneous rocks, or in alpine cracks and other pneumatolithic deposits. Currently, the largest fluorspar productions are in China with 24 million tons and in Mexico with 24 million tons.

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What is fluorite used for?

Currently, fluorite is used as a manufacturing component in various industries. For example, it is used in the manufacture of fiberglass and opal glass, specifically in the manufacture of microscope lenses. This mineral also it is used as a flux in the production of steel and as a conductor in the production of fuels.

But, fluorite is also a highly sought after stone in the world of gem therapy. The properties of this stone make it very precious, for its attractiveness and for its energy and power.

Properties and benefits of fluorite

It is considered a spiritual stone capable of cleaning, purifying and balancing energies. With its energy, it is able to relax the mind and enhance intuition like amethyst. It balances the hemispheres and favors internal order and organization, in all its aspects. If you are looking for balance on a spiritual level, fluorite is the stone that can help you.

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Fluorite Benefits:

  • Provides emotional and mental well-being
  • Promotes concentration
  • relax the mind
  • Dispel bad energy
  • Helps fight stress
  • Gives self confidence
  • Improves the ability to express
  • Promotes inner peace

Where to place the fluorite stone at home according to Feng Shui?

The centennial method of Feng Shui has studied for many years the power that stones have at home and how to use them in each area of ​​the house. The first thing you should know is what it is and how to make the bagua map of your house according to this method.

From this map, different areas of the house are located and in each of these it is recommended to use one stone or another depending on its properties and powers in order to respond to a specific purpose.

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To attract good luck

Fluorite is known as the stone capable of attracting good luck.. As? Placing it in the north area of ​​the house, following the Bagua map.

The north zone of the house is related to studies, knowledge and profession. Placing a fluorite stone will help you enhance your skills and concentration. It will fill the atmosphere with peace and calm, letting the thought flow. Ideally place it in the bedroom, on the nightstand or on top of a chest of drawers. Or in the work area, on top of the desk or in a bookstore.

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