From this Monday, November 22, vaccination against influenza is open to all French people.

The seasonal flu vaccination campaign is no longer just reserved for frail people, those over 65, pregnant women and caregivers. From this Monday, November 22 and until January 31, 2022, all French people can be vaccinated.

A mixed campaign launch

For a month, only the 15 million priority people – over 65, pregnant women, patients suffering from serious pathologies – could be injected with the vaccine. Aveyron Press Center specifies that on November 19, only 5.6 million influenza vaccines have been withdrawn free of charge in pharmacies, including 4.7 million for those over 65 years of age.

Who can inject the flu shot?

The vaccine, which costs ten euros, can be injected by doctors, nurses, midwives, or in pharmacies by pharmacists and now by pharmacy assistants.

For minors, however, a prescription from the general practitioner is necessary.

What support ?

For “non-priority audiences”, vaccination is not covered by the Health Insurance. It is therefore possible to buy the vaccine in a pharmacy, without a prescription for adults, the pharmacist being authorized to inject the vaccine directly on site.

No alert regarding the epidemic

For the moment, there is no alert according to the data collected. The epidemic bulletin for week 45, that of November 8 to 14, shows no increase. The incidence rate for influenza-like illness is 39 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (according to the Sentinel Network). At the same time, barely 1% of SOS Médecins medical procedures are linked to the flu.

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