Florinda Meza answered whether or not she was a lover of “Quico”

The famous actress Florinda Meza responded to the comment of a follower who asked her whether or not she had an affair with ‘Quico’. The questioning was made in a publication that had nothing to do with his profession or his love life, but, on the contrary, it was about an accident that he had had a few days ago.

The Mexican is internationally recognized for playing the role of ‘Doña Florinda’ in the television series ‘El chavo del ocho’, in which she participated alongside Roberto Gómez Bolaños, Ramón Valdés, Carlos Villagrán, among other famous actors.

In the last hours, the widow of Roberto Gómez published a photograph on Instagram in which he wanted to show his followers a slight injury that he suffered as a result of a fall. Likewise, he took advantage of the situation to leave a reflection on life to his more than 200 thousand followers.

In the image you can see that the accident left a bruise on his forehead, very close to the eye. The incident happened while she was trying to carry a lot of things, so she explained: “Sometimes when we ‘eat the world’ we can have some setbacks … but still I will continue to fight. For the curious, I only fell for carrying a lot of things, as it also happens in life. It is better to be careful and lighter ”.

Many of the actress’s fans made comments in which they expressed their concern and support for what happened. “Take care Flor, I’m glad you’re well”, “May God protect you, I love you very much”, “I hope you feel better soon and that everything returns to normal”, “I wish you a speedy recovery. Take care ”, were some of the words they dedicated to him.

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However, one of the comments that attracted the most attention was that of a person who asked him if he had had an affair with his setmate Carlos Villagrán, interpreter of ‘Quico’. “You were Quico’s lover? say sincerely, ”that person wrote.

The 72-year-old woman did not ignore that comment and replied curtly: “No.”

Some accounts of the social network Instagram that are dedicated to sharing the publications of the famous and the comments on them, did not hesitate to replicate and show the question of that Internet user. So many followers of the hit comedy series began to comment on it.

“How disrespectful to this lady who only worked to make us laugh”, “Her personal life or her mistakes can only be judged by God”, “Everyone knows that if they had their thing”, “You do not have to ask daring questions” , were some of the comments.


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