Florida shakes from hurricane “Ian”: gusts of up to 200 km/h and meter-high waves | news

Peak gusts of around 200 km/h, up to 500 liters of rain per square meter and XXL waves |

Florida is reeling from Hurricane Ian

The Americans look in fascination at the Caribbean Islands. An increasingly powerful tropical storm is headed for the US state of Florida.

The current forecasts indicate that it will reach the south-east of the USA and can sometimes get there with great violence: peak gusts of around 200 km/h, rainfall of more than 500 liters per square meter and meter-high waves.

Graduate meteorologist Domink Jung of says: “On Wednesday or Thursday, ‘Ian’ will hit western Florida. Great danger of heavy rain showers and high waves. There is then an acute danger to life! ‘Ian’ is on his way to regionals and will probably make it to level 4 out of 5!”

Tampa, Florida: People are shopping for supplies for the next few days

Photo: Matt Cohen/AP

Heavy rain, flash floods and flooding are expected in Florida through the middle of the week, first in the Florida Keys island chain and then further north.

The governor of the southeastern US state, Ron DeSantis, declared a state of emergency as a precautionary measure and called on the population to take precautions. US President Joe Biden, who wanted to travel to Florida for a campaign event on Tuesday, postponed the trip because of the storm.

The American hurricane expert dr. Rick Knabb tweeted: “If you live by the water, don’t underestimate this storm. If they say evacuate, do it.”

It is still a hurricane, but soon Ian will become a Category 1 hurricane. Over the sea he quickly picks up speed, he gets stronger and stronger.

Storm chaser Chris from Florida tells BILD: “Many people think of strong winds when they talk about hurricanes, but ‘Ian’ may not be remembered for that, but rather with a storm surge and heavy rain because it is a very slow storm. be on the west coast of Florida.”

Residents try to protect themselves from the water masses with sandbags

Residents try to protect themselves from the masses of water with sandbags

Photo: Luis Santana/AP

Storm thwarts “Artemis” plans: Is Nasa delaying the start?

A storm warning for the American state of Florida disrupted the plans of the American space agency Nasa for the lunar mission “Artemis”.

Artemis lunar mission, first test flight for spacecraft Orion - infographic

The launch of an unmanned test rocket from the Cape Canaveral spaceport in Florida, which was planned for Tuesday, was already canceled on Saturday. The final decision should now be taken on Monday whether the rocket with the “Orion” capsule at the top of its current position on the launch platform will be moved back to the hangar, Nasa announced on Sunday evening (local time).

The problem-plagued lunar mission “Artemis” is therefore still under time pressure, because the current launch window closes according to Nasa on October 4. A further planning window allows for a possible launch of the rocket between 17 and 31 October.

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