In Florida, the police arrested a man who allegedly cheated on corona aids on a large scale. Authorities have confiscated a Lamborghini and $ 3.4 million from the man’s bank accounts, the Department of Justice said.

The 29-year-old from Miami is said to have received a total of $ 3.9 million as a loan from the “Paycheck Protection Program”, which is supposed to help small businesses in the corona crisis. The man is accused of bank fraud, false statements to a financial institution and transactions with illegal proceeds.

According to the Department of Justice, he even applied for around $ 13.5 million on behalf of various companies. Almost four million were approved.

With the money he bought the sports car worth $ 318,000. He is also said to have gone shopping in luxury stores in Miami. He is also said to have given the authorities false information about how much salary he paid to employees.

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