Florencia Peña told who is helping her organize her wedding and… it’s a bomb! “My wedding planner is…” – Paparazzi Magazine

Florencia Peña surprised by announcing that she will marry Ramiro Ponce de Leon, whom he decided to hurry up a few months ago until he finally proposed it 30 days ago. Now, the driver told all the details.

And the announcement was made in a very special way, since the lawyer was invited to Flor Peña’s living room, on her program “The Whore Mistress”, where he improvised an interview in which they confirmed the news.

“How are you with this that you are going to marry Florencia Peña? How do you live it? the driver asked her partner jokingly. “I still don’t know when. But we’ll see when it will be.” Ramiro replied.

At that moment, Florencia Peña decided to get out of the joking tone and officially announced the day that the marriage with the lawyer from Salta would take place. “We have the scoop. We are getting married on November 19. revealed.

“On November 19 we do it in Cafayate, Salta, and on Friday November 25 we get married in Buenos Aires”specified the host of América TV.

“By Church?” Dan Breitman asked. “What Church? They send us a document letter if we get married in the Church! It will be for Civil “Florence clarified.

“He offers me a marriage, I did not expect it, and now I have to start working”, joked the driver, who used that kind of complaint to bring to light another detail that nobody expected about the organization of the party.

On the other hand, he surprised everyone by revealing who will be the wedding planner for his wedding. “The wedding is going to be organized by Claudia Villafañe”told Florencia Peña.

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