Florence Pugh embraces her cellulite and faces criticism with a body-positive message

Florence Pugh embraces her cellulite and faces criticism with a body-positive message


The actress speaks naturally about why she does this, who has received strong criticism on several occasions for teaching too much, as some consider.

The red carpets have always been impacted by the expectation that Florence Pugh creates around her radical looks, such as showing her endless legs in Paris or her firm buttocks in the Valentino fashion show, without forgetting other great occasions such as when she showed her firm abdomen. at the Tiffany & Co. party. It would be surprising if the star had a contrary view in the field of fashion.

It should be noted that she is very dedicated to the training that allows her to be ready for her shoots, an example is her interpretation of ‘Black Widow’, and she also has a passion and mastery for yoga, doing sessions that have helped her show her figure as a He does it in the present on the red carpets. Florence does not have a body as toned as, for example, Viola Davis has, however she does not care, since Choose between one style or another without your measurements influencing. The vital thing for her is to feel good about how her body looks with the selected garment.

The clear message ‘Body Positive’ of the actress

Florence Pugh stated flatly during a chat with her partner Jodie Turner-Smith for Elle magazine that she will never change her weight to get a role, giving relevance to wanting and accepting one’s own body and therefore its appearance. Regarding her cellulite, she explains that she may or may not like those marks on her thigh, however they do not interfere with her choice of clothing, adding in the interview that she prefers to expose everything, since it helps her to be happier with herself and accept herself as is.

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This message from the actress helps us understand how most of us try to hide these marks, which only provide part of our naturalness and which we all have to some extent. Florence was also heavily criticized for showing her nipples in a see-through dress she wore to the Valentino Haute Couture show, reflecting that she’s surprised how people get upset about showing too much, which shows that the audience isn’t used to it. .

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