Flor Vigna uploaded a photo to the limit with Luciano Castro and provoked the reaction of Sabrina Rojas – Paparazzi Magazine

Super in love and more ardent than ever, Flor Vigna posted a photo with Luciano Castro and received a lot of compliments from their followers, but an unexpected person was also present in the publication.

The dancer and the actor are one of the most beloved couples in the country, as well as one of the hottest, since with each thing they upload, they raise the temperature of everyone and this time was no exception to the rule, since they heated the social networks.

Surprisingly, Sabrina Rojas reacted to the photo. It’s not that she did much, she just left her like, but this shows that she maintains a very good relationship with Castroas well as with flowerBoth seem to be very close friends or at least buddies.

“Your honey-colored eyes and everything new that you make me discover”, dedicated the singer to who is her lover. In the image, the two are seen with little clothing lying on the bed and hugging each other, showing themselves sexier than ever and that, their fans noticed.

Not long ago Flor Vigna He spoke with the media and told how his relationship with Sabrina is: I can only say good things about Sabri. She is a very cool woman, very confident and she gave me a beautiful welcome to her family so we all want to add ”.


“When I met him LuHe told me that for him the most important thing is the family and his children and it’s really nice. It touches me a lot that it is like that”added to close.

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