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Iván De Pineda receives famous people in each special he does for his Pasapalabra program on the Telefe screen. On this occasion, Floppy Tesouro was invited and there was a very unusual but fun moment on the air.

At the time of guessing the song they played one of the group “Los Palmeras”, when talking about the issue Floppy launched an unusual comment about them to justify his fanaticism for the United States.

“Oh, I love palm trees! I’m a fan of palm trees, that’s why I like Miami so much, you see,” said the model. At that moment, Ivan, astonished by what he heard, reminded him that he can also see them in other places: “Well, but in many places in the world there are”,

At that moment Grego Rossello could not avoid the comment and told Tesouro: “But you can go to Tigre,” the comedian launched with irony. There the model could not contain the laughter recognizing what he had said as well as everyone present in the study.

“Between Ríos, El Palmar National Park there is. An impressive place. What’s more, you have a product that is getting very strong, which is the yatay, which is spectacular and they make jams, it is delicious,” the host of the program told his guest. .

“Look at everything I learn about the palm tree that I like so much,” she concluded with a laugh.


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