Floppy Tesouro explained the problem that Moorea’s nanny he confessed to him on a plane. The model said that she faced a setback with the person in charge of taking care of her daughter during a trip to the United States and she was not sure she had handled it well.

Floppy recalled that “we were going on a trip with Rodri, the father of my daughter Moorea, and we take the nanny because we were going to Las Vegas”.

“So, we sit on the plane, the babysitter comes, He touches my shoulder and says’ ma’am, I have to say something to you. I am addicted to the game ‘”, revealed in PH lto model.

Floppy Tesouro recounted the problem that Moorea’s nanny confessed to him on a plane: “She is no longer the babysitter”

Tesouro reflected on “how I said to the father of my daughter that she had not verified that she was a player. Was the baby sitter, but imagine that he took her to Las Vegas. He spent more hours than the corresponding hours in the casino. I was more aware of it than in other places in Moorea, but she took care of the baby. “

“The final anecdote is that everything was gambled, even the salary. We believe that she did not win. But she had fun.to babysitter, but I took good care of my daughter … She was a gamer, “Floppy closed.

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