For a long time, Flavio mendoza participated in ShowMatch as a jury of Dancing for a Dream, although it has not fulfilled that role for years. In dialogue with The Academy Preview (Monday to Friday at 8 p.m. City Magazine), the choreographer pointed out against the historical judges of the contest as Angel de Brito and Pampita, and assured that when “they have nothing new to give” they must “do like the presidents” and leave.

“The jury is fine. I am not going to do, like others, that when they are not they are killed. I feel that there is no stellarity and that with a single person you do not do it, “said Flavio in reference to Carolina Ardohain and De Brito, and supported his controversial statement. “Ángel seems to me to be the president of the jury because he has something about power that I like. I always liked Pampita, but this year I see her as if motherhood put her elsewhere, “he added.

“The Academy jury has to be like the presidents: they have to stay for four years and leave, and put in new ones. I include myself and I think that there should be no re-election for people to really do things well, “said Flavio Mendoza, who denied that he will return to that role. “If they already saw me, why am I going back? I believe that everything has to have an evolution. If I’m going to go, and I’m not going to give the program more than what I gave, why am I going? ”He asked himself on air.


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