flabby and overgrown Malakhov caused amazement

Fans are unhappy with the appearance of a celebrity.

The network continues to discuss the changed appearance of Andrei Malakhov. After a break, the TV presenter returned to the air with the project “Hi, Andrey!”, And then many regretted that he no longer looked like an ideal. According to Internet users, the showman became flabby and overgrown. Some even admitted that Andrei made them dumbfounded, because he ceased to be like himself.

Now fans are advising celebrities to get themselves in order and get rid of excess weight as soon as possible. Especially more recently in an interview for the YouTube channel “Just about the difficult with Sofiko Shevardnadze“He said that a TV talk show host must look attractive, since the success of any project depends on this.

Let’s add, also on the Web, it was not without mentioning the recent rumors that Malakhov is allegedly seriously ill and is undergoing treatment abroad. Meanwhile, the TV presenter himself continues to ignore public speculation about his health, as well as criticism towards his own appearance.

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