FK Austria Vienna | Schneeberger in rehab: “I work hard every day”

Steffi, you attended the training camp despite your injury, how much physical exertion are you allowed to do at the moment?

“I am very happy that I can now start running again. According to the physiotherapists and doctors, even a little increase is okay if I don’t feel any pain. In addition to endurance training, I’ve been doing my lost muscle mass for a few weeks now build up again and work hard in the gym almost every day to be able to be back on the pitch soon.”

How important was it to you personally to go to the training camp even as an injured player?

“Very important. I would have been extremely sad if I hadn’t been able to go. I think it’s not just about football content, but also about team cohesion. We did a lot in terms of team building, that was very valuable.”

You’ve always struggled with injuries in the past – what drives you?

“Yes, that’s right, there have been quite a few! I think for me the love of football has always been a drive to come back and give everything to be able to be on the pitch.”

So far you’ve been in individual training, haven’t had that much to do with the partially newly formed squad – does the injury make it harder for you to be part of the team?

“No, not at all. I have the feeling that every player is important, whether they are currently recovering from an injury or are fully resilient. The coaching staff make every player feel important and I also knew Yvonne (note: Weilharter), for example, is already one of the new players because we were at the academy in St. Pölten together. I am also convinced of her quality, she will help us a lot.”

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How do you rate the current squad?

“In my view, we have made great transfers over the summer and have complemented the squad well. I am convinced that, provided the team stays fit, we will have a good season and annoy the series champions St. Pölten and Sturm Graz be able.”

What are your next steps – and above all, when can we expect to see you fully operational again on the field?

“Specifically, I can now start step by step to incorporate the ball back into my everyday training. However, I will take the time I need and not rush anything. The plan would be to be back on the pitch by the end of September, and I’m dying for it Me, yes.”



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