Five ways to beat the heat in a car without air conditioning

For a number of reasons, drivers have to drive in hot weather without air conditioning. For example, the air cooler may fail or not be included in the vehicle package at all. Or alternatively, by turning off the air conditioner, the driver seeks to save fuel. Here are some basic ways to beat the heat without using air conditioning or climate control.

Open windows

Driving with windows open is a well-known way to compensate for the air conditioning system. It is clear that the higher the speed, the more actively the interior will be cooled and the higher the fuel consumption will be.

In addition, the noise level in the cabin is guaranteed to increase, and exhaust, pollen, dust, lint, insects and other external pollutants will be sent, bypassing the air filter, directly to your lungs. Moreover, dust, insects or sand can get into the eyes of the driver, preventing him from reacting in time to the traffic situation.

Plus, due to the drafts that occur when driving with open windows, the driver and passengers can blow out the head, neck and ears. Whatever it was, if the air conditioner is broken, and you are alone or two in the cabin, slightly open one of the rear windows – the flow will go to the rear of the cabin and return “reflected” – this way you minimize the risks of getting sick and getting a stream of air with sand in your eyes or dust. It also makes sense to open windows for ventilation diagonally from the driver to the passengers.

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Don’t let the car heat up

The air conditioner does not work – make sure that your car is not standing in the heat. Look for parking spots under trees or in the shade of houses. It also makes sense to cover the parked car with a cover.

Finally, you can use a special thermal film for glass. Athermal film is a type of tinting and consists of several layers, including an adhesive layer with UV protection and a metallized layer for absorbing infrared rays.

Unlike standard tinting, athermal does not block sunlight so much. Accordingly, high-quality athermal films are not subject to restrictions and prohibitions. Recall that according to the Technical Regulations, the light transmission of the windshield and front windows should not be less than 70%. You can also use classic car tinting. She also delays the penetration of direct sunlight into the cabin, scattering them.

Use an extra fan

A fan that is powered by solar panels or an on-board socket may well solve the problem of cooling the passenger compartment, at least in part.

If you open the windows for a short time, an additional “wind blower” will help to quickly expel hot air from a heated car.

By the way, there are many models of 12-volt fans on sale today that connect to 12-volt sockets and even USB slots. As a rule, such devices are mounted on a sun visor, windshield, rear-view mirror, or mounted on a dashboard. Cigarette lighter-powered portable air conditioners are also available. These devices consist of a fan that blows air through a wet internal filter.

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Self-help measures

Drivers who have driven a lot of unconditioned cars in the heat are aware of such a useful aid as a wet towel. It can be hung on the neck or on the heater deflectors, switched to the cold air supply mode. However, the cooling effect will be short-lived.

In extreme heat, the towel will dry quickly enough and will need to be moistened regularly. When riding in hot weather without air conditioning, it is recommended to also wear light-colored clothing, shorts, and a T-shirt.

To make it easier to endure the high temperature in the cabin, it also makes sense to take off your shoes or change into slippers. It’s no secret that the feet give off a lot of heat and thus cool the body. Many seasoned drivers also recommend that you regularly wet your hair and ears with water.

Folk remedies

On the web, you can come across a lot of “practical” advice, such as this – use plastic bottles with ice, large pieces of ice in various containers and cooling elements for thermal bags.

It is recommended to put such coolers on the front panel and turn on the standard fan. In fact, this method of cooling the passenger compartment will not be very effective, and with sharp braking, all this “coolant” can fly under the pedal assembly, which is fraught with an accident.

But in the absence of an air conditioner, it will not be superfluous to take a bottle of cold water and a rag into the car and from time to time wipe the steering wheel, seats and other interior elements, especially if they are made of leather or leatherette.

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The water will evaporate and the temperature of the facing surfaces will drop by 5-10 degrees. Note that dry ice should not be used to cool the passenger compartment. During the sublimation process, it displaces oxygen, and this can cause suffocation.


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