Five tips to limit your sugar intake

Friend or enemy ? In large quantities, sugar can quickly become dangerous for our health (and for our weight). The ideal would be to consume only 25 grams per day. A mission that has become almost impossible as it is hidden everywhere in our food. Invited in Bienfait pour vous on Europe 1, Catherine Lacrosnière, nutritionist doctor, delivers valuable advice to limit our consumption without frustration.

Opt for black bread or wholemeal bread

When we talk about sugar, it is essential to take into account the glycemic index, that is to say the sweetening power of the food. For example, bread, which is classified among the slow sugars, has a very high glycemic index when it is white. The traditional baguette causes a very strong increase in blood sugar. It is therefore more reasonable to choose black bread, rye bread or wholemeal bread, which has a much lower glycemic index.

Replace white sugar with rapadura

Rapadura is an unrefined sugar that retains the nutrients provided by sugar cane, unlike industrial sugar. There is potassium, magnesium, calcium. Rapadura is obtained from dried and sifted cane juice in the open air. It is a sugar native to Brazil. It has a very dark amber color, a slightly moist texture and a caramelized licorice taste.

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