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From what’s new on the platform to a classic.

The Netflix live broadcast platform offers a remarkable catalog of genres. In it, science fiction cinema stands out with dozens of productions. Here are five movies to enjoy this week.


Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds, this claustrophobic film directed by a Swede with a Chilean father, Daniel Espinosa, tells the story of an International Space Station (ISS) crew fighting a microscopic but rapidly evolving species that has already caused extinction. from Mars and now threatens life on Earth.

To keep the plot of what could be “science reality” rather than fiction, the production consulted British geneticist Adam Rutherford, who has written several books on genetic modification and the creation of new life forms.

Espinosa created with Rutherford an original organism made of cells that can perform any of the bodily functions, superior in structure to humans: it is changeable in shape, adapts to the environment and can imitate anything that comes into contact with it, growing older , stronger and more threatening.

To make it more credible, the story – which is compared to the series Alien– explains how the organism was not exposed to solar radiation on the red planet but in hibernation.

The Midnight Sky

George Clooney directs, produces and stars in screenwriter Mark L. Smith’s adaptation of Good Morning, Midnight, Lily Brooks-Dalton’s acclaimed post-apocalyptic novel, published in 2016.

This film touches on topics that are very different from those usually dealt with in space movies, with a special focus on human relationships.

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On The Midnight Sky (Midnight sky), a mysterious world catastrophe devastates the human species. After the disaster, a scientist stationed in the Arctic (Clooney) tries to warn an astronaut in deep space (Felicity Jones) and her crew of the dangers of returning to Earth. Even in the face of impending extinction, the human drive to connect travels light years to unite two of humanity’s last survivors.

An intimate and cosmic apocalyptic tale that narrates two plots in parallel. In one, a lone scientist stationed at an arctic outpost surrounded by snow endures the last days of humanity’s terrestrial existence. In another, a team of interplanetary explorers hope to finally return, aboard a spacecraft, to their home after several years away from Earth. Those astronauts, trapped in their isolation, ignore what has happened to the planet.


Mutant species, strange energies and natural beauty come together in the sci-fi film by Alex Garland, director of Ex-Machina.

The film, based on the renowned novel by Jeff VanderMeer Southern Reach, tells the story of Lena (Natalie Portman), a biologist who joins a mission to investigate what happened to her husband (Oscar Isaac). A strange phenomenon that will immerse the expedition in different adventures that will set out to discover that new and unknown world, which threatens to destroy their lives.

The cast is completed by Tessa Thompson, Jennifer Jason Leight and Gina Rodriguez.

The Cloverfield Paradox

“10 years ago, something found us. Now we know what they were looking for ”. This is hook that throws The Cloverfield Paradox, the third installment of the science fiction film saga produced by JJ Abrams, after Cloverfield Y 10 Cloverfield Lane.

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The film’s synopsis indicates that, in the near future, an energy crisis threatens the human race. Astronauts from all over the world gather on a space station to test an experimental technology, but the results are not what they expected, and the team is isolated fighting for their survival.

Cloverfield premiered in 2008 and showed how a group of young people in New York tried, camera in hand, to flee the destruction generated by the arrival of a gigantic monster that lands in the city.

In 2016 its sequel hit theaters, 10 Cloverfield Lane, centered on a young woman who is locked in an underground cell after a chemical disaster that prevented life on the surface.

Terminator 2: judgement day

After failing to eliminate Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), a new improved android, a T-1000 (Robert Patrick), arrives from the future to eliminate her son, John Connor (Edward Fulong).

It will be then when the robot T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is sent to protect him.

Young John now lives in a foster home after his mother was admitted to a psychiatric facility. The reason Sarah is confined in an asylum is that the woman claims that, according to a time traveler, her son would be the savior of humanity in a future dominated by machines.

This is how Sarah became something of a warrior and educated her son John in survival tactics.

A classic of cinema by director James Cameron. (E)



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