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We went to the Foz do Porto area to visit the supermarket on Rua Diogo Botelho and discover the reasons why you should visit Mercadona. If you don’t have a store near you, we do a guided tour.

At a time when the Spanish brand is preparing to open its first store further south in the country, there are still many Portuguese who have not had the opportunity to enter the doors of a Mercadona supermarket. As Mercadona’s main objective is the satisfaction of the “Boss”, the name used by the company to designate its customers, there are several aspects in its supermarkets that have been specifically designed for this.

The assortment of fresh products is one of them, since in Mercadona stores you can find a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, from the most common to tropical ones, fish from Portuguese auctions and meat from national suppliers. All along the supermarket there are parking spaces for shopping carts, for an unobstructed shopping experience. Maintenance and cleaning teams are also present at the supermarket, to ensure that everything is clean and organized, customer after customer.

Speaking of teams, it is common to find several operators around the store who can give advice to the customer. This advice is more specialized and fully personalized in areas such as delicatessen, where you can choose, taste and take freshly cut ham by a specialist in delicatessen, or Perfumery, where the operator will be able to answer any question that the “Boss” may have. you have.

At Mercadona, private labels dominate the shelves. But talking about private labels is not the same as talking about common “white brands”. All Mercadona own-brand products are made by specialized producers who are identified on all labels.

Do you still feel that you don’t know Mercadona? See above the guided tour of the Diogo Botelho store, in Porto, made by Margarida, who has operated this store since the day it opened.



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