In a teaser, Samsung announces the presentation of five new products on August 5. On the menu, we would find the Galaxy Note 20, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, the Galaxy Tab S7, the Galaxy Buds Live and a Galaxy Watch 3. The novelties of the latter are precisely addressed in several leaks.

Next week, Samsung will hold its Unpacked, summer event of the South Korean manufacturer in which it generally unveils the new generation of its Galaxy Note. On August 5, the program should be loaded and not be limited to the sole presentation of the Galaxy Note 20. According to this short teaser from Samsung, we can expect the manufacturer to unveil no less than five products! We will obviously be entitled to the proper presentation of the new range of Galaxy Note 20, star of the event, but we will also have to expect that of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, second iteration of the first folding smartphone of the Mark. Also, this enigmatic image at the end of the teaser informs us of the presence of a tablet in the line-up – which will most certainly be the Galaxy Tab S7 – but also the famous Galaxy Buds Live wireless headphones with their bean-shaped design and … a new connected watch.

Regarding this smartwatch, that’s good since the Galaxy Watch 3 has been widely unveiled in recent days with several leaks and even a video of getting started posted on the YouTube channel. TechTalkTV !

In this video, we can discover the contours of the one expected under the denominational of Galaxy Watch 3, in its 41 mm version. A second, larger version, 45 mm, would also be planned. Otherwise, this video lets us discover the design of the watch and its rounded 1.2-inch AMOLED screen around which is the famous Samsung rotating bezel to navigate the menus. If the look seems quite close to the previous version, we note that the firm seems to have refined the borders, and that the buttons are closer to what can be found on a traditional watch.

Source : XDA Developers

But it is above all in terms of functionality that the Galaxy Watch 3 could make the difference. As reported XDA Developers, a new plugin has appeared in Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable app. This plugin, dedicated to the future Galaxy Watch, has been dissected by XDA and reveals some of the features of the watch, including a new kind of gestural navigation. Thus, it will be possible to shake the hand in order to deactivate alerts or incoming calls, and to shake then open the fist to pick up a call. The screenshot of the Watch can also be done via this last gesture. Also, we would find a new fall detection system inspired by what can be found on the latest Apple Watch. The Galaxy Watch will beep for 60 seconds when it detects the wearer is falling, and if the wearer appears unconscious and ignores this signal, the Galaxy Watch would be able to send geolocation to emergency contacts. There is no doubt that the Galaxy Watch 3 has other surprises in store for us… See you on August 5!