Five modern devices to save money and energy at home

The term smart home It mainly refers to those devices which are interconnected in a house and whose access is given through a central point: a smartphonea tablet, a laptop or a video game console.

In this way, any type of home or office can turn into a smart structure where door locks, televisions, thermostats, home monitors, cameras, lights and even appliances such as the refrigerator, is controlled remotely.

The system that makes it possible to control it is not very complex: you just have to download its respective official application. Like it’s WhatsApp or TikTok, is usually installed on a mobile device or others on the network, and the user can create schedules for certain changes to take effect in the daily life of the home.

Even this class of smart home appliances comes together self study skills so that they can assimilate the usage, schedules and even the customs of the members of a household and at the same time make the necessary adjustments to increase their efficiency.

In turn, smart homes that have lighting control allow homeowners reduce electricity consumption and benefit from energy-related cost savings. Something similar happens with the irrigation systems that regulate the use of waterwhether it is to maintain the lawn or the plants on a balcony that need special care to survive.

Some systems alert the owner if any movement is detected in the home when they are away, while others You can call the police or fire department directly. in dangerous situations.

Once connected, services such as a clever doormana smart security system and smart home appliances are part of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), a network of physical objects that can collect and share electronic information.

This class of products in all its categories complies a mix between scalability and ease of connection, In most cases. Any user with a little knack for hooking up a bunch of wires can get it going.

Smart cameras and video door phones

Hikvision’s range of smart video door phones.

The return to the office after the opening of the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic and daily activities outside the home forced many to spend several hours of the day outside the home. For this type of situation, the company Hikvision solution offered video door access system combining design, performance and features.

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It’s about the modular video door access products Second generation IP and 2 wires characterized by their versatility and flexibility, both for houses or residential complexes, up to buildings with 500 apartments.

The complete solution offers a main module, with different variants and functions such as keyboard, card reader and facial recognition for greater security.

This video door access system connects to the intelligent ecosystem of Hikvision video surveillance (CCTV), alarm and access control devices through computer platforms and the Hik-Connect mobile application, guaranteeing the user unified management from a single point.

Security cameras with AcuSense technology can detect intruders: they are available from 45 thousand pesos.

Security cameras with AcuSense technology can detect intruders: they are available from 45 thousand pesos.

For example, the cameras ColorVu they can see color 24 hours even when it is completely dark, while those with AcuSense technology have artificial intelligence to filter up to 90% of false alarm events; even the Live-Guard They even have the possibility to generate a discouraging warning.

These combined devices allow users to remotely interact with the visitor arriving at their home through notifications sent to their mobile phone, which allows opening doors, activating the alarm and viewing the camerasamong other features.

“At the security level, we have devices to block the house if we want: drive the criminal crazy, activate things, make noise to alert the neighbors. It also allows us to leave a configured calendar, simulate presence when we are on vacation and even turn on the lights so no one knows if you’re at home or not”, Hikvision product manager Cristian Oreja explained to the newspaper. Clarion.

smart dispenser for pets

The NHA-P610 Smart Dispenser has a built-in Wi-Fi connection, microphone and camera.  About 30 thousand pesos.

The NHA-P610 Smart Dispenser has a built-in Wi-Fi connection, microphone and camera. About 30 thousand pesos.

The manufacturer of connectivity solutions Nexxt Solutions It has been selling a food dispenser for dogs and cats in the country since the end of July, with a Wi-Fi connection, camera and built-in microphone.

This smart device is primarily designed so that even when the user is not at home, it can feed and interact with your pet remotely.

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The pet dispenser has a camera and microphone, so the user can see it from anywhere in the world through the app, call it through the microphone and, when it approaches the feeder, offer it food. And not only that: it will deliver the perfect ratio according to your nutritional needs.

“Based on IoT (Internet of Things) technology and in partnership with Microsoft, this solution is designed to adapt to the mobile lifestyle while creating a safer environment inside and outside the home,” said Erika Merlo. Area Manager for the Southern Cone of Nexxt Solutions.

Artificial intelligence washing machine

The IA EcoBubble washing machine is sold in three versions and prices: $440,999 (22 kg) and $311,399 (10 kg).

The IA EcoBubble washing machine is sold in three versions and prices: $440,999 (22 kg) and $311,399 (10 kg).

With the aim of personalizing, facilitating and improving the washing experience more and more, Samsung presented three models of 22 kg and 10 kg with Wi-Fi and artificial intelligence integration.

Through the mobile phone, the user can personalize the wash and obtain the best results with less effort. In addition, they have the Hygiene Steam system that improves the quality of laundry without pre-treatment, eliminating dirt and 99.9% of bacteria and allergens.

Unlike other washing machines, it is easier to manage through Wi-Fi. It has a smart and intuitive control panel that personalizes the laundry experience with Machine Learning and provides recommendations based on the consumer’s typical usage. For example, the most frequent wash cycle and its specific settings are displayed on the main panel.

Among its many intelligent functions, it stands out Al Wash which has 4 sensors for the wash and rinse time control: load level, water level, detergent level and laundry level.

It also includes the EcoBubble technology which transforms the detergent into bubbles so that the product can penetrate the fabric faster and remove dirt easily, even at low temperatures; while saving energy, it protects the color and texture of clothes.

In addition, the 22 kg model has an Auto-dispenser, which automatically supplies the right amount of detergent and fabric softener for each wash, avoiding waste and extra rinsing.

Thanks to two of its ideal features: Laundry Recipe and Planner, the washing machine can provide wash cycle recommendations and manage completion times.

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Its intelligent function allows the user to activate the wash and delay its completion, inside or outside your home. This is the key to avoid stagnation of clothes and post-wash smell.

robot vacuum cleaners

The POWERbot-E Wi-Fi robot vacuum has sensors to prevent it from bumping into furniture.  They sell it for 105,999 pesos.

The POWERbot-E Wi-Fi robot vacuum has sensors to prevent it from bumping into furniture. They sell it for 105,999 pesos.

There is a before and after in the house cleaning after trying a robot vacuum cleaner with Wi-Fi and dual function for the most demanding users. The model POWERbot contains the function of vacuuming and mopping at the same time. Thanks to its Wi-Fi connection, through the POWERbot-E app for Android and iOS, it can be controlled from anywhere, inside and outside the house.

With the help of the Wi-Fi connection you can program the operating timeadjust cleaning levels, control the flush function and even the required water flow rate.

It has the particularity of a “Digital Inverter” motor, which makes it a related product for energy saving. The motor is of the BLDC type, this means that it does not have a brush built in, like most vacuum cleaners. It produces less device wearmaking it a more efficient piece of equipment and extending its useful life.

For the series of robot vacuum cleaners, Samsung has developed the Smart Sensing System, a anti-collision sensors which work together to create a smart vacuum cleaner that can really do a deep clean. It also includes a second “precipice” sensor that prevents and controls possible falls on stairs and slopes.

To complete the deep and intelligent cleaning experience, the robot contains a gyroscope that controls the movements of the equipment so that its operation is more efficient and avoid going through the same place multiple times.

Samsung included in this model four cleaning modes, each adaptable to different environments: the zig-zag mode allows a general sweep of the rooms; the “corners” mode limits cleaning to the edges of the room; “spot” mode will allow you to focus on a smaller piece of the room; and finally the automatic or “random” mode which makes a more intelligent and efficient tour of the whole room.


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