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Even the figures do not agree with the European political forces. Matteo Salvini remains skeptical about the effectiveness of the restrictive measures against Moscow. After consulting a study by Rony Hamaui on, the Northern League secretary observes: «I was reading the data on sanctions against Russia. It is the only example in the world in which whoever imposes a sanction suffers and whoever is sanctioned collects ”. From Brussels they retort that the instrument works because it allowed the freezing of 13.8 billion euros of assets to Russian oligarchs and entities. Considerable figure, according to the European Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, but not yet sufficient.

“It is a lot, and I must say that a very large part, more than 12 billion, has been frozen in only five member countries,” explained Reynders at the informal meeting of justice ministers in Prague. But “we must continue to convince other countries to do the same, I hope that in the coming weeks we will see an increase in this type of procedure in all member states,” adds the commissioner.

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COLLATERAL DAMAGES The time schedule has already started: «We have already had the approval in the European Parliament and there is consensus in the Council. So after the summer break there will be approval in the Council and in October we will present a directive. We are going very fast: we will have an extension of the list of European crimes, including the avoidance of sanctions and we will have a single legislation to organize the same procedures and the same level of sanctions ». At that point, “it will be possible to start judicial procedures and confiscate the assets. And the money recovered will go to a fund for Ukraine, to return it to the Ukrainians, ”explains Reynders.

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However, reiterates the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, in a speech in the Spanish daily ABC, “the sanctions against Russia help and are already hitting hard Vladimir Putin and his accomplices. Their effects on the Russian economy will increase over time “with” significant and growing shocks that probably will not lead Putin to change his strategic calculations in the near future because his actions are not primarily driven by economic logic. However, forcing him to choose between butter and cannons, the sanctions block him in an ever tighter circle ». For those who want, the evidence is available: «Someone will say, but do these sanctions really affect the Russian economy? The answer is yes. Because while Russia exports a lot of raw materials, it is also forced to import a lot of high value-added products that it does not produce. In terms of advanced technologies, it depends 45% on Europe and 21% on the United States, against only 11% on China, ”explains Borrell. “In the military field, crucial in the context of the war in Ukraine, sanctions limit Russia’s ability to produce precision missiles such as the Iskander or KH 101. Almost all foreign car manufacturers have also decided to withdraw from Russia and the few cars produced by Russian manufacturers will be sold without airbags and automatic transmissions, ”he adds.

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TECHNOLOGIES OF THE FUTURE «The oil industry suffers not only from the abandonment of foreign operators, but also from the difficulty of accessing advanced technologies such as horizontal drilling. The ability of the Russian industry to activate new wells is likely to be limited. Finally, to maintain air traffic, Russia will have to withdraw most of its aircraft from circulation to recover the spare parts needed for the others to fly. To this must be added the loss of access to financial markets, the disconnection of the great global research networks and the massive brain drain ”, highlights the head of EU diplomacy. “As for the alternative that China would offer the Russian economy, in reality it remains limited, especially for high-tech products. So far, the Beijing government, heavily dependent on its exports to developed countries, has not allowed Russia to circumvent Western sanctions. Chinese exports to Russia have decreased in proportions comparable to those of Western countries, ”Borrell emphasized.

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