Fitness, the test to know how old your body really is

How old is your body? The most logical answer is that they are the same age as you, yet this is not always the case. It is impossible to change the date on one’s birth certificate or identity card and even if we wanted to deny it it would always remain the same, but it is equally certain that there are habits and behaviors that can influence our physical state and make us feel more old or young than we actually are.

Experts argue that, in addition to biological age, there is a fitness of it and, unlike the first, it can be changed. The concept of fitness age was originally introduced in 2006 by the Norwegian Ulrik Wisløff, Ph.D., professor of exercise and sport physiology, who has developed an algorithm to find out how old our body really is.

The algorithm is available on the site World Fitness Level, along with a physical test, developed by fitness experts Doug Kechijian, DPT, and Michael Fredericson, MD, who believe certain exercises can reveal the exact fitness age, as well as identify which specific activities to focus on to improve our weaknesses. fitness. We are far from the secret formula of eternal youth, but it is a valid help to those who want to get better.

Here’s how to find out how old your body is

How old is your body really?



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