Monica Bridge continues to recover from brutal assault of which she and her son were victims, Javier Segrera, at his home in Mexico City. It was the actress herself who reported the event on her social networks and warned of the danger of traveling to Mexico at this time. Days later, she exclusively recognized SEMANA magazine that she came to fear for her life. It happened on August 18 when the actress returned from spending a few days in Tulum with her offspring and a stranger sneaked into the elevator of the building where they reside and pointed a gun at them. This Thursday, it has been Javier himself who has ruled on the fact. The young man, who just arrived in barcelonahas wanted to downplay the issue, while has issued a stark warning to tourists who are thinking of traveling to the country. This is what he has said:

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Mónica Pont puts land in the middle

As Mónica Pont reported in a conversation with SEMANA Magazine, while Javier Segrera has headed for Barcelona, ​​his famous mother has done the same in the direction of Miami. “My son is going back to Spain and I am going to Miami. I’m scared inside and I still don’t know what I’m going to do. I have to be colder to be able to think, it’s an important decision”, he confessed just a few days after the brutal assault.

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It all happened too fast, recalls the actress. Once inside the elevator and with the assailant pointing his gun at them, the man demanded that the mother and son give him the watches they were wearing. It was about two Rolex valued at 20 thousand euros in total. The doorman of the building tried to mediate the assault without success. R.eceived a shot in the leg and, although he is in the ICUSeveral Mexican media point out that his life is not in danger.