First woman infected with monkey pox in our country

The monkeypox virus has been diagnosed in a woman for the first time in our country. Boudewijn Catry of the Sciensano health institute has announced this.

gjsBron: BELGIAN

546 confirmed cases of monkey pox have already been reported in our country. This concerns 304 cases in Flanders (56 percent), 187 in Brussels (34 percent) and 55 in Wallonia (10 percent). Nearly all patients (96 percent) had skin lesions. About 66 percent also had general symptoms such as fever and feeling unwell. Thirty percent had swollen lymph nodes. Twenty-eight people have already been hospitalized, but none of them ended up in an intensive care unit. There are no deaths in our country.

The virus is still mainly transmitted through sexual contact between men. Until now, they were all men who were diagnosed with an infection. That has now changed.

“The number of infections seems to be peaking,” said Catry. “The coming weeks will show whether there is a stagnation or a decline.”

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