First tragedy and then farce

First tragedy and then farce

Alejandro Querejeta Barceló

Both of the contenders know it well. Ecuador’s political scene is heating up a little more. The final race for the Presidency of the Republic begins. Worst? That management to alleviate the disaster that we all experienced in the face of management when trying to combat poverty and organized crime. You have to talk out loud about failure and fear.

The applicants are young and, however, there is not much newness and even less originality in their proposals. But the danger is not in them, but in their guardians and in the courts that accompany them. There are some strategies and discourses that follow one another indelibly traced to those they used to support. In both cases, revenge is hunting for votes.

Only our traditional politicians believe that they convince those who have nothing in our country, that is, the majority of voters. It wouldn’t hurt to take this into account in the surveys. Whoever wins, will what we experienced until today continue to be repeated? Revenge usually guarantees votes among those who feel cheated, humiliated or forgotten. There are still a few weeks ahead of the elections.

Colors of this stage and the next: caudillismo, authoritarianism, the usual hierarchies of the left and the right, bellicosity and patriarchy. All of them are profoundly unaware of the Ecuadorian reality, which They do not take into account the differences between their inhabitants, but rather the pure and crude interests of their leaders. both inside and outside our borders.

Our fear and despair are fueled by events that mourn the nation, as well as its underlying motivations that, sooner rather than later, will end up distracting us from what is essential. If providence, which some in similar situations, grant Ecuadorian citizenship, does not intervene. As old Karl Marx once said, history repeats itself first as tragedy and then as farce.

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